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Esmoker 510-T Deluxe Case Kit

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Introducing our NEW & IMPROVED 510-T E-Cigarette Deluxe Casse Kit!! This 510-T has a bigger battery capacity at 170mAh and allows for more than 300 puffs when fully charged.  It holds 1.0ml of e-liquid and features 4 airflow holes for a smoother vape.  The new 510-T is the same size as traditional cigarettes measuring at 10cm in length making it one of the smallest devices that fits comfortably in your pocket.  It vapes automatically so there is no need to push any buttons which gives the same sensation as taking a draw from a traditional cigarette. The new 510-T also features a 360 anti-leaking design and is refillable making it highly efficient and cost effective. To charge simply screw in the battery to the USB charger that is included. The end of the battery lights up red, an indication that your battery is dying is decreased vapor production. It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge a 510-T E-Cigarette.  The new 510-T is recommended for those looking for a mouth to lung (MTL) vape which is most commonly associated with how a cigarette is smoked given its higher resistant coil options. 


2 x 510-T E-Cigarette with atomizer preinstalled
1 x Metal Carrying Case
1 x USB Charger
1 x Wall Adapter
Please note: It's recommended that you use a needle tip bottle as the fill your tank with e-liquid as the area is narrow. Using a e-liquid bottle that has a dropper may make it more difficult to fill the clearomizer.


-1-2 hours to fully charge e-cig
-Working voltage: 3.6-4.2V
-Vapes automatically
-170mAh battery capacity
-1ml e-liquid capacity
-Over 300 puffs per charge
-Small and compact device


Getting Started:

1. Remove the tank from the battery
2. Unscrew the base of the tank and fill e-liquid on the outside of the inner cylinder (Avoid getting liquid in the center cylinder as this will cause e-liquid to get in your mouth when you take a puff)
3. Screw the base back onto the tank and then attach to battery
4. Once your device is assembled puff on device and enjoy your vaping experience
5. Charging the 510T battery: Screw the threaded side of the battery to the USB charger then connect to computer. The LED light on the battery will turn on indicating that the battery is charging, when the LED light on the battery turns off it means the charge is complete.
6. When the vapour production becomes limited this is an indication that the battery needs to be charged

* Special features of 510-T device: battery is a rechargeable, energy saving battery. It has a constant output of 3.6V and has safety protection. It usually takes 1-2 hours to fully charge. The 510-T battery has protection to prevent overcharging and when the battery is fully charged, charging will stop automatically

Very happy w/ product and quality of items received. Very fast shipping as well. Have not had a "real" cigarette since receiving product nearly 3 weeks ago. Have been telling all my friends and family that smoke to try this product. Viva la esmoking revolution!
1 reviews
Very happy w/ product and quality of items received. Very fast shipping as well. Have not had a "real" cigarette since receiving product nearly 3 weeks ago. Have been telling all my friends and family that smoke to try this product. Viva la esmoking revolution!

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