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  1. Calling All Cloud Chasers

    Calling All Cloud Chasers

    There are a couple ways that you can get big clouds on your ape.

    1. Use maximum airflow

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  2. What is a Throat Hit?

    What is a Throat Hit?

    What is it? What does nicotine strength affect?

    You know that feeling you get when you take a big inhale of your cigarette and its hits the back of your th

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  3. What are Ohm's?

    Ohms- The Breakdown

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  4. The Vaping Encyclopedia

    What the Heck Does That Mean!?

    Abbreviations of the Vape Community

    • 510: a thread used on ecigarette tanks and mods, the most p
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  5. What Nicotine Level is Right for Me?

    What is e-juice made of?

    All e juice is typically made up of three or four ingredients.

    • Propylene glycol (PG)
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  6. Why does my Device say Low or No Atomizer

    Some post short content set in admin panel
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  7. Why is my Tank Leaking

    Why is my Tank Leaking?

    This seems to be a common question, and a common issues among both beginner and experienced vapers. There are typically a couple things that can explain why a tank is leaking, and the top causes are listed below with their solutions!

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  8. My Mod Isn't Working

    My Mod Isn't Working

    Are you having issues with your vape? The issue you are experiencing could be the result of any easy fix, and wer

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  9. The Truth About Popcorn Lung and Vaping

    Why Popcorn Lung is NOT a Threat for the Vaping Community


    As the popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes has become more widespread, the government’s restrictions and comments on this topic have consequently grown. There has been a number of proposed bills which seek to ban the use of flavouring and ecigarettes, and to place heavy restrictions on the use and distribution of these products. One of the points that the government has strongly focused on is po

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  10. The NEW Cloupor M4 2-in-1 Oil and Herb Kit

    Cloutank Cloupor M4 allows herbal extracts and essential oils to be vaporized in the chamber without opening the chamber. As well it has an ego threading to fit all ego thread products.  It is made of medical grade steel and Pyrex Glass for durability and high temperature resistance.  The unique design allows you to adjust your device for dry herbs or essential oils by giving you the option to choose your coils.  Its multifunctional tip allows you to press down on the mouth piece to compress the dry herbs toward the heater coil; rearranging inside the chamber

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  11. Bill 174- Schedule 3, Another Problem for Vaping

    Bill 174- Schedule 3

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  12. G Priv 2 230W Mod and X-Baby Mod

    The G-Priv 2 230W Mod & Baby-X Tank

    The G-Priv 2 is the new mod from SMOK and is an advanced and innovative device, with considerable design and user friendly features. Compared to the original G-Priv device, SMOK has modified some of the key features of the device.  Firstly, the second edition i

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  13. The New Revenger X 220W Mod from Vaporessoo

    Revenger X 220W Mod:

    Vaporesso is renowned for its innovative technology, and the new Revenger X 22

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  14. The New NRG Tank from Vaporesso

    NRG Tank from Vaporesso

    The NRG tank is the newest tank from Vaporesso, and supports both traditional cotton coils, and the innovative Ccell ceramic coils.  The ceramic coils are notable, as they provide an increasingly even heating process and better flavour!

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  15. The Small but Mighty Vaporesso Tarot Nano

    The TARGET NANO 80W MOD FROM VAPORESSO is the newest addition to the Vaporesso family. Its size is misleading, as this device packs a punch! This device also features the Omni board 2.0 which gives you the most expansive capability yet. This device comes equipped with 6 power modes, including smart mode, (VW) Variable wattage (hard, normal and soft), (VT) Variable temperature (nickel, SS316 and titanium), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Bypass, (CCW) Custom curve of wattage and (CCT) Custom curv

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  16. Pen Simple, the Most User Friendly Grinder Created!

    The pen simple grinder is the grinder of the future. This device is created for the easiest most user friendly weed experience. It ties all the grueling aspect of smoking cannabis to be one simple set up using the pen simple grinder. Not only does this electric grinder, grind your herbs finely to the perfect grind, but it dispenses them

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  17. Eleaf Ikonn 220W, Vape and Power Bank in One!

    Introducing the NEW ELEAF IKONN 220w. This device is a game changer, and Eleaf has stepped up their game to compete with the most reputable brands. This mod has dual battery capacity, and has a maximum wattage of 220W. It has a huge 0.91 inch screen, allowing for a clear and concise display, and dual battery indication. This device also features the new trickle charge system, allowing for equalizing battery charging, with a 2A quick charging system. This mod also has an innovative new feature, where with an RA adapter, the mod can be transformed into a USB charging power ba

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  18. What Is An Ecig Mod?

    What is an Ecig Mod?



    In terminology, ecig is an electronic cigar

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  19. How to Keep Your Vape Safe From Pets and Minors

    How to Keep Your Vape Safe From Pets and Minors

    We all want to keep our loved ones safe...


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  20. What are Nicotine Salts?

    Nicotine Salts

    What are Nicotine Salts?

    Nicotine in regular e liquid is freebase nicotine, and is produced by eliminating the pr

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