Dear Vapers,

Electronic cigarettes are a very easy-to-use device that give you a pure smoking sensation.  The two types of models for an electronic cigarette: automatic and manual.

The automatic model (ie. 510-T e-cig and disposable e-cig) mobilizes upon the consumer inhaling the device cartridge. Typically automatic e-cigarettes are small in size replicating traditional cigarettes. They do not have a long battery life per charge due to their size but they are rechargable. For this reason automatic e-cigarettes are recommended for light smokers.

The manual model (ie. EGO, Digital Mods and Mechanical Mods) mobilizes once the consumer presses the button while inhaling from a clearomizer.  The atomizer is the component of the electronic cigarette that heats the e-liquid, turning it into a vapour as it is inhaled.  It is part of the clearomizer/tank which is the component that stores the e-liquid. The clearomizer on any electronic cigarette can be easily refilled with a variety of our Canada made e-liquid flavours. The atomizer as well as the LED on an electronic cigarette is battery operated. Manual e-cigarettes can range in a variety of sizes but typically are larger than automatic e-cigarettes. They have a longer battery life and adjustable settings to increase or decrease the amount of vapour produced.

image of an Automatic electronic cigarette versus manual e-cig