How to Vape Safely!

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the safety of e-cigarettes, particularly about them exploding. It has drawn serious attention to the vaping community and is potentially deterring smokers from making the switch to vaping. Two misconceptions are that any e-cig can explode at any given time and many people don’t realize that is not the actual e-cig that is exploding, but rather the lithium ion battery that is used to power the e-cig.  These batteries are used in many products including cell phones.  This is not the case if you are vaping safely.  Below are a list of common mishaps and ways to prevent them so consumers are informed and feel safe when switching over to vaping.

1. Modifying Battery-NOT Vaping Safely:

Vapers may misuse their device or use the wrong battery. Some vapers opt to build their own coils or modify their device.  This is fine as long as they are knowledgeable A battery in the form of a cartoon character asking "How Safe Is Your E-cig Battery? "about what they’re doing (following ohms law), otherwise this can result in a malfunction. Typically this is only the case when using a mechanical mod as they do not have an regulatory safety features compared to the new mods on the market which have built in safety features and are not meant to be modified.

Vaping SAFELY:

If you plan on modifying your mechanical mod you better be an expert when it comes electrictiy (ohms, wattage, circuits, amps and volts etc). You can also visit a knowledge vape shop for guideance but realistically you shouldn't be making an modifications if your not well educated when with electronics.

2. Carrying Lithium-ion Batteries Loose-NOT Vaping Safely:

Vapers carry their e-cig or battery loose in their pockets where they can come into direct contact with conducting metals, such as coins or keys creating a charge which can cause the battery to overheat and potentially explode.  Lithium ion batteries are used to power many products on the market and carrying the batteries loose in your pocket will cause serious damage, regardless whether it is to be used in an e-cig or a cell phone.

Vaping SAFELY:

A way to safeguard yourself is by carrying your e-cig and or battery in a protective case. These are sold at any reputable Vape Shop.

3. Not Using Proper Charger-NOT Vaping Safely:

Using poorly designed chargers or using chargers made for other devices such as cellphones. Most android or blackberry chargers can fit e-cig chargers, but that doesn’t mean they should be used. This process can overcharge your battery causing it to overheat which may become dangerous. Most well-made lithium ion batteries have a fail-safe mechanism which turns off the device if it starts to overheat, however the poorly made ones don’t.

Vaping SAFELY:

The best way to avoid this issue is to use the charger provided by the manufacturer of your e-cig or charger brought from a reputable vape shop. Most e-cig chargers can be interchanged with other devices so you shouldn’t need to buy a new charger if you changed or upgraded your e-cig for a device that requires a charger. 

4. Using Cheap Batteries-NOT Vaping Safely:

Buying a cheap knockoff electronic cigarette could cause your device to overheat or melt which is harmful. These devices will break easily and not last very long. 

Vaping SAFELY:

When purchasing your e-cig its best to go to a reputable vape shop with knowledgeable staff and think twice before you purchase a device at a flea market or convenience store.   The staff should know the difference between authentic vs fake devices. Reputable brands have an authenticity code on the package so you can check to ensure your device is authentic before use. A reputable vape shop and their staff will give you this guidance at time of purchase and will stand behind their products with a warranty.