Bill 174- Schedule 3

Presented on: November 1st, 2017



               The most recent schedule 3 modification to Bill 174 within Ontario has put a heavy damper on the consumption and sale of vaping products.  This bill puts heavy restrictions on a multitude of aspects within the vaping community and vaping stores. This bill seeks to limit the use and sale of vaping products to the same specifications that are demonstrated with cigarettes, including limits to flavouring and consumption within public places.

               The first provision set out by this bill is that sale of products to minors (under 19) is strictly prohibited, something which the majority of vape shops already enforce.  This means that any business’ which sell any electronic cigarette products are required to ID individuals before entry, to ensure they are of legal age for consumption. This poses a concern for many smaller business’ which do not solely sell electronic cigarette products; for example, convenience stores.

               This bill also states a provision that heavily restricts the promotion of flavours, and products for electronic cigarettes.  This could pose a threat to the majority of electronic cigarette flavours which are not tobacco flavoured. Additionally, any business’ which allow customers to test flavours will be prohibited to allow testing within the enclosed store space, and any sort of advertisement will be strictly prohibited.  If you use any flavour other than tobacco, this could be a serious issue for you, if this bill were to pass. Other than advertising restrictions, all products will be required to exhibit a conspicuous warning that the product contains nicotine and is only legal for consumption by those of legal age (19+).

               The most unnerving provision of Bill 174 is the section which places restrictions within the consumption of electronic cigarette products. This provision will prohibit the use of any electronic cigarette products in an enclosed public place (I.e. vape shops). This provision would result in no testing flavours, no vaping in the store, no trouble shooting with employees etc. This section seeks to enforce the use of electronic cigarettes to be equivalent to cigarettes, as the use of cigarettes inside enclosed public places is strongly prohibited. This bill will be enforced independently by employers and they are obligated to place restrictions with respect to where these prohibitions apply.

               This bill, if passed will cause a serious threat to the vaping community, and business’ which are vape shops, heavily restricting the freedom of product consumption and sale of electronic cigarette products. Customers will also be affected, in that they will not be allowed to try any flavours, handle or view the products within the store, or vape within the enclosed business space.

               You have the ability to make an effect on the passing of this bill, through a plethora of strategies. Firstly, make yourself aware of any rallies happening in your area, that you may be able to participate in. As well, if you don’t know of any rallies in your area, organize a rally in your area, and get the word out as much as possible. Additionally to rallies, there are petitions circulating about this bill, and you can also create a petition of your own, and get the most possible signatures before submitting it to the government. Finally, take some time to personally write a letter to the government outlining the negatives of this bill and how it will affect you directly. For a lot of Vapers, electronic cigarettes have given them the opportunity to dispel the burden of cigarette addiction.  It is almost impossible to quit smoking, and many Vapers have tried everything, with no success. Electronic cigarettes have given individuals the opportunity to quit cigarettes with a healthier and cheaper alternative.

               If you are equally as outraged about this bill as we are, please do your part in trying to stop this bill from being passed in any way you can. Sign a petition, attend a rally and write a letter. This is completely up to the people, and we have the power to make the changes we want to see. Take your rights back today, and fight Bill 174.

How to Help:

  1. Sign a petition: Click Here
  2. Attend a Protest: Queen`s Park (November 25th, 2017 at 12pm-2pm)
  3. Write a letter: Send Kathleen Wynne an email or letter

Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1