Sturdy Reliable and Durable; the Legend of the Aegis Lives On

The Aegis Legend mod is Ready for Impact...are you?

The Aegis Legend Mod is the newest addition to the Aegis family, known for their durability and reliability. The Aegis Legend is particularly noteworthy as it is waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, meaning there’s a very slim chance you will ever be able to break it, whether it’s on purpose or by accident (just don’t run over it with your car). The Aegis Legend runs on dual 18650 batteries and can reach a max output of 200W. This vape also contains the newest AS chipset, from Geek vape which provides fast, consistent and reliable vaping. This device also comes equipped with a crisp coloured display screen.


The Aegis Legend Mod is constructed with silicon, leather, and zinc/aluminum alloys which allow for its durability, but also sleek design. The design also uses a convenient and easy battery compartment, as well as a USB port, which allows for pass-through charging. With the USB port you can also update the firmware as updates become available.

The Aegis Legend Mod also comes in 5 sleek colours; silver with brown leather, orange with black leather, silver with grey camo, black, and snake skin. The dimensions of the Aegis Legend are 90.5mm in height, 58.5mm in width, and 30.6mm in depth. The modes that the Aegis Legend Mod is capable of is variable wattage, VPC, temperature control, TCR (M1) and bypass modes. The resistance range is 0.05-3.0ohms and the temperature range is 100-315 degrees Celsius or 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit.


As mentioned before, this is an incredibly durable device with IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and military grade shockproof (MIL STD 810G-516.6). the front of the screen is a 0.91” OLED screen and has crisp display. The USB is covered by a silicone tab, and there is a push button to open the latch on the carbon steel battery door, and inside the battery compartment there is a seal to protect from any sort of water or dust damage. This device also comes with a user-friendly menu which displays resistance, voltage, amps, puff counting, and a real time dual battery indicator. You can also increase or decrease brightness, which can help to save battery in a pinch! Another fun feature about the screen is you can customize the colour using a setting in the menu, to spice things up even more! The 510 thread can accommodate a plethora of tanks, and is powder coated with stainless steel for durability. The Aegis Legend also comes equipped with your standard low voltage/current, output short circuit/load, low resistance and overheating protections.

This is the perfect vape if you live a quick and fast paced life on the go, or you work in a high-risk environment like construction work!