Calling All Cloud Chasers

There are a couple ways that you can get big clouds on your ape.

  1. Use maximum airflow

The larger the airflow holes are open, the more air can travel into the vape, and therefore the more vapour you can product

  1. Use high wattage (70W+)

The more capacity a device has, the more power it can output and the larger the clouds will be. Wattage above 70W will produce large clouds, and the more you increase the power from there, the larger the clouds will progress and be

  1. Use a tank made for big clouds, sub-ohm

There are a lot of tanks on the market geared towards Vapers who want to produce massive clouds, and these tanks are the ones you want to keep your eye out for if you want massive clouds. One of these tanks would be the SmokTech Cloud Beast, which has coils that can reach up to 350W!!! This tank will give you the ability to produce massive clouds!!

  1. Use large capacity batteries like Sony VTC6, or Ijoy 26650

If you are running your vape at a high wattage, then you need to have the batteries that will be able to keep up. This means picking batteries that will be able to output the same amount of power that your coil is looking for. Usually at high wattages you will need two or three 18650 Sony VTC6 high drain, and high performance batteries or two 26650 Ijoy batteries which have a MASSIVE output capacity

  1. Lower ohm coils = more vapour

Another important factor especially if you are building, is to consider the ohms you are using, any coils that are sub-ohm or below 1.0ohms will produce some larger clouds, but the lower you get, the more power it can output, and therefore the larger the clouds you can produce. So a coil that runs at 0.2ohms vs. a coil at 0.7 ohms will run at a much higher temperature, and will allow you to blow much larger clouds

  1. Get a liquid with higher VG, 70% VG or more, since VG is known for creating more vapour

Two of the main ingredients in e-liquid are VG and PG, VG or vegetable glycerin is the part of eliquid that is known for high vapour production. Some eliquids have 50/50 ratios, but other eliquid companies target the Vapers who are looking for big clouds, and therefore have much higher VG content. The term “max VG” refers to a ratio of 70%VG and 30%PG, but some companies like Twelve Monkeys even offer liquid with ratios as high as 90%VG/10%PG

  1. Take a large inhale

For big clouds you will obviously need to have big lungs! Lung capacity is a huge factor, and to increase this it helps to exhale before you take a pull, and inhale at a steady and constant rate, deeply into your lungs, and blow those clouds!