Dear Vapers, Happy Fall Y'all!

While spring has sprung fall is upon us. It's important to clean your vape regularly so that it works to its full potential.  Below are our tips to keep your vaping device in tip top shape.

Keep up with your e-liquid levels: to ensure you get the best vapour production with your e-cig device, don’t let your e-juice run too low. You want to keep the e-liquid above the inlets (cotton) on the coils.  For Aspire bottom dual coil clearomizers (BDC’s) or bottom vertical coil (BVC's) when e-liquid is at a lower level, below the holes in the atomizer, it will result in your atomizer not to be able to draw in enough e-juice.  This in turn, will run the risk of burning your atomizer out and give you a dry burn and awful taste!   Same thing for vapers who have a Aspire ET-S or Aspire CE5 clearomizer, make sure you keep it topped up on the regular but don’t overdo it either, if you overfill your clearomizer, the e-juice or e-liquid could enter the center tube and flood your clearomizer (plus enter your mouth). Like everything in life, keep it balanced.

Clean your battery terminal: dirty terminals can affect vapour performance and prevent the terminal connecting twomens hand cleaning a battery terminal of an e-cigarette with a cotton swabo your clearomizer. Be sure to simply clean the terminal with a cotton bud or twist a paper towel to keep it clean and e-liquid free. You can also clean the end of your clearomizer the same way! Doing so will help your battery life and coils. If you notice that your battery is failing to make a connection, the terminal may have been pushed in, remember your e-cig device is not a pickle jar, no need to over twist! If your having trouble give your local vape shop a call and they can walk you through how to fix it. If you over twist the clearomizer; doing so can damage the connections. It’s always best to use your hands and not a wrench, as it’s very rare for a clearomizer to need such strength, but if you can’t loosen it up, we highly suggest a rubber grip to assist you. Friendly tip, screw in your coil and atomizer in an anti-clockwise rotation, until you hear a click

Protect your electronic cigarette device with proper storage: to ensure your vapour comes in a comfortable temperature, keep your e-cig in proper storage, so the air holes in your clearomizer are clean and able to give you sufficient airflow over your coil. This is also importation to guarantee that your wick stays saturated with e-liquid for good vapour production. If vapers leave your personal vaporizer on its side or upside down, the e-juice can travel towards these holes and will eventually leak.  Your e-cig is an investment that is helping you live a tobacco free life, that being said, to keep it properly protected we highly recommend one of our carrying cases. As e-cigs are fragile and can be damaged or misplaced easily, storing it in a case will protect the sensitive parts when you’re not vaping AND keep it clean!

Some friendly reminders:

  • Store your e-cig away from water
  • Keep your e-cig upright to avoid flooding the airspace
  • Ensure your e-cig is stored away from direct sunlight and any high temperatures

Maintain your clearomizer and mouthpiece cleanliness: doing so will ensure high performance

Over time many items can clog up your mouthpiece, whether it be gunk from your pockets, dust from your purse etc. it can all easily accumulate in your mouthpiece, which will eventually block the flow of your vapor. To keep your mouthpiece clean, simple remove it from the clearomizer (if possible) blow through it to ensure it’s clear. Vapers can also twist tissue paper (your new BFF) to clear away any condensed e-juice and or rinse the mouthpiece in warm water

Some friendly reminders:

  • Remove clearomizer from battery
  • Take mouth piece apart (if possible) and remove atomizer from clearomizer
  • Wash your mouthpeice and clearomizer (not atomizer) with warm/hot water (not boiling!)
  • Dry with paper towel

Please note: You don't want to get your atomizer wet as it is the heating element and not meant to be washed

Don’t overrun your e-cig batteries: keeping a min. of 20% charge in your batteries can extend its lifespan. Also ensure your batteries are charged before leaving the house for a long period of time. Once again, if traveling on a road trip, ensure your e-cig is stored away from high heat. Check out some more battery tips here.

Regularly change your coil/atomizer: doing so will help eliminate the burnt taste as coils. We recommend to change the coil (if you are using a clearomizer with replaceable coils) approximately every 3 weeks or so. Doing this will assist in maintaining your vapour production and reduce the gurgling noise too!

Do you have other tips to share on maintaining your personal vaporizer? If so comment below and share the vape love!

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!