Dear Vapers,

EsmokerCanada carries a wide selection of e-liquid lines from various Canadian suppliers. The suppliers we work with must have an ISO Cleanroom Lab and follow Good Manufacturing Practice to ensure consistency and quality.

Here are a list of some commonly asked questions about what is in e-liquid.

What is E-Liquid/E-Juice?

E-liquid also referred to as E-Juice is the liquid used in an electronic cigarette,aka personal vaporizer, to produce its vapour and flavour.

What does E-liquid contain exactly?

Depending on your e liquid, different levels of Proplyne Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Water soluble, natural and artificial flavouring ingredients are added to the e liquid base to create the flavour of your choice. E liquid can also contain 0.0%-2.4% nicotine.

Umm.. what is Propylne Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

PG is a food grade chemical used in a large number of products in your food, medicine and cosmetics. It is NON-TOXIC and can act as a carrier for flavours. It is found in your ketchup bottle among other commonly used products. VG or Vegetable Glycerin is liquid extracted from vegetables. Though similar to PG is smooth to inhale and has a sweeter taste in comparison to PG. It is also thicker consistency. There is generally distilled water used in mixing to aid in the "wicking" process in the e liquids we carry, such as Flavour Crafter.

Well what's in your PG/VG blend?

Each brand and flavour can have their own custom mixture of PG and VG ratios. The VG/PG ratios can affect the vaping experience, for example e-liquids that are higher in VG will make more dense vapor while e-liquids higher in PG tends add an extra kick to the flavour and nicotine. The most common ratio is MAX VG which is typically 75% VG 25% or higher. Each blend has been designed to ensure the best possible flavour and vapour is produced. The custom blends we carry are one of the smoothest, most realistic vaping experiences you will encounter - and that's why we choose select brands that follow this mandate.  Please note, all our e liquids contain child-proof caps for safety purposes. To review other e liquid brands carried and e juices available for your vaping needs click here

Why use Natural and Artificial Flavouring?

Almost all e-liquids on the market contain natural or artificial flavouring. The flavouring are the same food grade or natural flavouring used in the process of the food and drink that we consume. The flavouring is the key ingredient in making those robust flavour profiles that we love. We also carry an organic brand of liquid for people looking for e-liquid that is natural.

Hmm.. are the flavourings in e-liquid safe to inhale?

While there are many studies arguing both sides of this debate - we can firmly say that while its not entirely safe to inhale ANY substance other than mother natures air, many medical professionals and members of the scientific community agree that inhaling vapour produced by heating e liquid in an electronic cigarette device, presents a much lower risk to the user than inhaling tobacco smoke (which contains 70 known cancer causing chemicals). As we take all this very serious and partner with companies who feel the same way, the e liquids carried strictly contain the highest quality food-grade ingredients from trusted suppliers.

It's important to ask questions about where your e-liquid is made and if it's manufactured in an ISO Cleanroom lab. At EsmokerCanada we pride ourselves in providing high standards for our all our products especially when it comes to e-liquid. We esnure that all the e-liquid brands we carry go through quality controls and testing before they make their way to our shelves to avoid inconsistent nicotine strengths and possible contamination.