Delays on Bill 174

With the recent election of Doug Ford there has been an unexpected delay in Bill 174 which of course affects the vaping changes that were proposed almost a year ago. Now what does this mean for vapers, or those who want to make the shift from smoking to vaping?


  1. Your juices will remain untouched; even though you may have been panicking that your favourite vape juice may have been taken off the shelves, think again. Not only will your favourite e liquid remain, but the companies will now have ample time to adjust their juices to pass all proposed regulations
  2. You will be able to get help on any vape issues, in store rather than online or over the phone. The bill proposed was going to limit any discussions other than just the sale of products whether juice or devices, but for now you will be able to come in and trouble shoot your vape issues- legally
  3. You can have help in picking a device that is truly fitting and perfect for you that will also help you to make the shift seamlessly. Whereas with the bill, you would only be allowed to come into the store and ask for exactly what you want and pay for it. There would be no suggestions and no discussion, just a sale
  4. You can vape in the store. Yes, you can vape in the vape store, and you can test flavours. This is huge because even though “peanut butter cup” may sound good, it may not taste so great. Testing flavours can help you find your new every day flavour without having to guess
  5. Promotion is allowed. Yes guess what, you can find out what the newest products are in store, without worrying about being behind the times, and without finding out from seeing a cool and flashy vape from your friend at a party or walking down the street


Hopefully this new government will rely on science when making their final ruling and not feel the pressure of Big Tobacco lobbyist who undoubtedly drafted the regulations for the Liberals in order to deter the competition from vape shop owners that are competing for the same market share.  I say, “BRING IT”!  Bring the studies forth that tell me vaping is as harmful as smoking a combustible cigarette.  If they BRING IT, I’ll eat my vape!!! 


In the meantime, reach out to your local government representative and let them know you want to have choices.  Consider that vape shops should be carved out of any bill that regulates vaping to allow for adults to make their own choice.  We all agree with requiring an appropriate age limit like we do for admission into bars or government owned and operated casinos, but we don’t try to hide the bottles of alcohol or the slot machines once you enter the premises.


We will keep you posted on any developments!