Dear Vapers,

On December 15, 2014 Steve Paikin from The Agenda discusses Ontario's Bill 45 to regulate the selling of electronic cigarettes. The debate highlights the science behind e-cigarettes, whether they're a useful cessation tool, or a gateway to more smoking with public health advocate David Sweanor, Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Ottawa and Mark Holland, Executive of The Heart & Stroke Foundation (Ontario).

We have transcribed (to the best of our ability) the top 10 positive quotes from the debate. Please raise awareness and share the vape love. Together we can make a difference and help save a billion deaths that will occur due to cigarette smoking in this century.

Happy Vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

1. The reason people get sick, is not because of the nicotine but by the smoke. You suck smoke into your lungs and it will darn right kill you!

2. If you can deliver nicotine without those toxins you can do something that can save many lives

3. Recent data from the States have come out showing sales have gone up by 55%

4. There is lots of fear mangling and concerns of “what if” but there is no question that this [electronic cigarettes] is massively less hazardous

5. That’s the hypothesis... that this will somehow renormalizing smoking. The view of others, including the economist, it does the opposite. It demoralizes smoking ... to the point where Professor Robert West, at University College London saying that, basically if you are a smoker and you are still smoking cigarettes, that’s just stupid because now there is a product that is massively less hazardous. So it’s like driving around a 62 Corvair, when you can have a modern Volvo. Why would you do that? It’s like finding a way to get a dirty needle and stick it in your arm, instead of a clean one!

6. Dealing with any sort of drug, there is risk. We don’t really get concerned with caffeine, because people drink it, if they smoked tea leaves to get it, that would be killing people. We know what kills people is the smoke. So there really isn’t a scientific question about whether this is less hazardous

7. Is it safe? Nothing is safe. Is it going to be less hazardous? Let’s take the comparator, because if we say, let’s not offer this to smokers until we know for sure it’s like 99% less hazardous, rather than say 98%. We know for sure based on our current trends and consumption, if we continue to do exactly what we are doing right now, in the next 25 years another million Canadians are going to day as a direct result of smoking

8. The question is, out of fear of kids, do we instead of saying things like “let’s do something to protect minors” we do something to say “let’s screw smokers, let’s make it harder for them to be able to quit”. Because everything that we do, that makes it harder for somebody to use something like this, or use nicotine replacement therapy, is something that makes it easier for people to continue smoking, and that increases the death rate. So how do we come up with an intelligent policy, based on good science, that moves people as far down continued risk that we can

9. Steve: Do you think that Bill 45 is a good idea?

   David: I think if you want to support the cigarette business this is a really good idea

10. We have the World Health Organization telling us that in this century a billion people are going to die as a direct result of cigarette smoking. We have known for decades, they smoke for the nicotine, they die from the smoke. If you can remove the smoke from that equation, we can do something that is on pair with getting rid of smallpox. We have a chance of a breakthrough, absolutely enormous historical significance. If we stand in the way of that and say "what about" or if we are really risk adverse, we are stuck with 40,000 Canadians per year dying from the [cigarette] smoke not nicotine