Dear Vapers,                                                                                                

Another common question fohalf a women's face shown exhaling vapour with electronic cigarette in her handr first time vapers that we want to make crystal clear is the production of vapour.  When vapors inhale through an electronic cigarette or e-cig, its pressure sensor activates the battery and enables heating of the atomizer coil. This produces vapor by the “atomization” of the users e-liquid. This recently atomized e-liquid, which is now in a vapour concentration, mixes with air vapers inhale to activate the device. Which in turn results into freshly produced flavoured vapour users inhale to get the sensation.  The temperature of the vapor is generally cooler or similar to that of the human body.  When vapers use an electronic battery powered e cig, the technology is essentially the same. The only exception is the battery activated by user’s manual push of the unit’s button, provides maximum control. We highly suggest vapers only press the button when you are ready to inhale vapour (as this will save on your battery and coil lifespan).  Please allow for e-liquid to soak inside your Clearomizer tank for at least 3-5 minutes before vaping. Doing so, will assist the fabric threads are soaked which helps with a better flow of e-liquid from the tank to the atomization chamber!

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Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!