Dear Vapers,

With every innovative technology, there are always skeptics and concerns about safety. We at EsmokerCanada Inc. want to assure you that personal vaporizers (which have been in the market for almost 10 years) have been tested among top scientists around the world.The technology behind e-cigs involves heating non-nicotine or nicotine infused e-liquid until it dissipates creating flavored vapour. The main ingredients in e-liquids are FDA approved food grade vegetable glycerin, flavoring, distilled water, FDA approved propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine. As experts know the long term effects of each of these ingredients in our bodies, but have yet studied its long term effects combined together. That being said, the scientific research on benefits and risks associated with electronic cigarettes is accumulating, but is still limited compared to other innovations that have been in the market for 20+ years. One thing we do know is that the dangers of smoking is not from the nicotine but from the smoke inhaled as it a carcinogen. Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke or high levels of carcinogens therefore we can conclude they are safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Happy Vaping from your Friends at EsmokerCanada Inc.

infographic from UK Cancer Research of reasons why vaping is not as bad for you as smoking tobacco