How Do I Change My Coil, and How Do I Know if it Needs to be Changed?

Prime your coil

If you need to change your coil, the flavour will not taste normal, it will taste burnt. If you open your tank and look at your coil, typically it will be black. In extreme cases, your coil may not be producing vapour or even being recognized by your device.

1. Once you know you need to change your coil, there are a couple steps to take

2. Open your tank from the bottom, over the sink if you have juice left, and have tissues ready

3. Unscrew the burnt coil from your tank

4. Take out a new coil, and PRIME it*

Important: Priming your coils is one of the most important steps before using a new tank/clearomizer and a new coil/atomizer. Priming your coil ensures you won't burn your coil before taking a hit. It also makes sure that the coil lasts as long as possible.

*Drop one or two drops of e-liquid in the center of the coil ensuring the juice is soaked up by the cotton and let it slide down so it hits the cotton and wire. Repeat this process on the wick holes on the side of the coil. The juice will soak the cotton and this will ensure that you won't experience a dry hit.

5. Screw your coil back into your base

6. Reassemble tank

7. Fill the tank

8. After you have primed the coil, let it sit for a few minutes you should fire your device below the recommended wattage and slowly increase in smaller intervals to ensure your atomizer does not burn out right away. It's recommended that you don't fire your device at maximum recommended wattage until you've puffed on it approximately 10 times. Start your temperature anywhere between 10-20 watts below the recommended wattage

Take a short inhale, if it doesn’t taste burnt turn it up 5 watts

Take another short inhale, if it doesn’t taste burnt turn it up another 5 watts

Repeat these steps until you have reached your desire wattage within the recommended range