Make 2018 the Year You Follow Through


New Year’s resolutions are a time to plan positive goals that you want to achieve in the New Year, but the staggering statistics show that it’s not often that people actually keep these resolutions. According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of people actually follow through with achieving their New Year’s resolutions. Now the real question is how do you become one of those 8% of people who do follow through? Whether you currently smoke or you are an ex-smoker who has fallen back into old habits, we all know how many times we swore we would quit, only to go out and buy another pack the following day. No matter how many cigarettes we throw out, or break in half to try to stop ourselves from smoking, it never seems to be enough. Or maybe you’ve tried Nicorette gum, or a nicotine patch in hopes that it would help you quit, but it just didn’t give you the same satisfaction; before you knew it, there was a cigarette in your mouth.

On top of the struggle that quitting smoking can be, the lies we tell ourselves and others seem to be exponential. Imagine not having to lie about “only smoking when you drink” or washing your clothes constantly to avoid perpetually smelling like an ashtray. Imagine having family over without spraying nasty and tacky smelling air freshener in hopes your apartment won’t smell like a stale cigarette butt by the time they arrive. Imagine not having to sprint down the street out in -30 degree Canadian winter to get a pack of cigarettes, but instead happily enjoy blowing fat clouds in the comfort of your warm bed.

There are many reasons why certain people seem to be more successful, and proficient in achieving their goals, but most of the time it has nothing to do with will power. There are many reasons why people choose to quit smoking, thinking that their motives and will power will be enough, but usually it’s not. Maybe you want to quit because of family; you want to be able spend time with your significant other, without constant complaints that you smell like an ashtray, or you want to be able to live long enough to meet your great grandchildren. Maybe you want to quit because no one really has the disposable income to be paying $4000+ a year to poison themselves, and encourage premature aging. Maybe you are sick of being out of breath after walking up the stairs from the subway, and you want to be able to play that sport you used to love. Maybe you’re sick of waking up and instantly lighting a cigarette, instead of being productive and making a delicious continental breakfast. If cigarettes control your time, and your life, then it might be time to take your decisions back, because life is too short to waste your precious time.

Now you’re probably wondering how exactly you’re going to quit, after trying countless times on your own. Well the solution is a lot simpler than you think. According to a recent survey, over half of the 2.9 million people who use ecigarettes in the UK, successfully quit smoking tobacco. This is good news for you. Ecigarettes have a very high success rate in helping smokers to quit, and moreover they are a 95% healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Forget those 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes, because ecigarettes only have 4 ingredients. Making the switch from smoking to vaping will not only give you the freedom from smoking that you’ve been longing for, but it will give you your health, and savings back! There are many reasons that vaping trumps smoking including…

  1. No more smelling like an ashtray
  2. Having a savings account with actual savings in it
  3. Not having those nasty yellow stained fingers
  4. Not having to speed smoke in the Canadian blizzards and losing feeling in your fingertips
  5. Clean and white teeth, no more fear or lectures when you go to the dentist
  6. Your body will thank you, and you will be able to live long enough to complete countless years’ worth of New Year’s resolutions; whether they’re running a marathon, climbing Mount Everest or travelling to an exotic country
  7. No more tobacco flakes in every nook and cranny of your house, and your pockets, and no more tobacco flakes stuck to your hand cream and lip balm in your purse
  8. Hugging someone without worrying that they might get a whiff of the 15 cigarettes you’ve smoked that day
  9. Not having to apologize when a coworker gets into your car (aka the ashtray)
  10. No more dirty looks on the street when the wind blows your second hand smoke directly into the face of innocent bystanders
  11. The trees and the air! Despite misconceptions, climate change is not actually fake news, cigarette butts are the number one most littered item, and one of the biggest contributors to air pollution

So if you’re ready to make the shift, and truly stick to the perpetual resolution to quit smoking, head over to your Toronto vape shop, and ask them about making the switch. No need to go on Champix and possibly grow a third eye, there is the healthier, risk free alternative of ecigarettes. You will finally be able to reset that quit smoking tracking app for the last time, and walk down the street confidently knowing that you don’t smell like a restaurant in the 1960s. Make the decision to take your life back this New Years and make 2018 the year where you take your life and your health back.