Dear Vapers,

When you make the switch to vaping, it helps not only your insides but also your outsides. Remind loved ones of the top five beauty reasons to stop smoking.

1.) Wrinkles: smoking causes collagen and elastin in your skin to break down prematurely, leaving  you looking older and wrinkled Top 5 reasons to stop smoking for your beauty are wrinkles, yellow teeth,bad gums and breath, thin hair, dark circles

2.) Yellow Teeth & Fingers: the toxins in tar create a sticky residue on the teeth and penetrate tooth enamel, leaving it hard to remove and get rid of. Same thing with your fingers, how many images have you seen of yellow stained fingers due to smoking?!

3.) Bad Gums & Breath: smoking causes gum disease. It affects the flow of saliva and causes dry mouth, which in turn traps bacteria and leads to bad breath

4.) Thin Hair: chemicals in smoke damage hair follicles which can lead to baldness and trap the smell of smoke in your hair for days

5.) Dark Circles: smoking dehydrates the skin, which cause dark circles and bags under your eyes and permanent discoloration of your lips.

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Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!