Dear Vapers,

We all know convenience is everything, especially when trying something new. Reminder loved ones that vaping on the go involves nothing more than carrying around a pen-sized contraption (depending on the device you purchase). Compared to smoking, which requires your loved ones to carry a lighter and a bulky box of smokes everywhere.  How many times do your loved ones complain about misplacing their lighter, or running out?

Depending on your loved ones smoking habits, our friendly educated staff, will make sure to pair them with the right device that best suits their needs. For example,illustration of women talking to a man. Text says No I don't have a lighter...I vape and you should too! if loved ones smoke a pack a day, we would suggest one of our Regular Smoker Starter Kit - which comes with everything you need and will set you up for months! This starter kit comes wtih two devices so when one of the batteries dies you have one ready to go!

Now ladies, we can all agree the aggravation caused by bringing a bulky purse out just to keep a box of smokes, lipstick, phone etc. Switching to vaping will help you eliminate that stress and others, as a typical device will fit in most clutches, pockets or in its own case.

Feel free to stop by at our Toronto location if you or loved ones have any questions or concerns. Our educated friendly staff will be sure to pair you with the best device that suits your needs, and help your loved ones who still smoke make the switch to a cleaner alternative.

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!