Dear Vapers,

This is a biggie as family time is the best time! With 69 known cancer causing chemicals in traditional smoke and the deadly carbon monoxide that enters your loved ones lungs every time tobacco is burned and inhaled – the quality time with family and friends becomes shorter and shorter. Did you know that 37,000 Canadians die every year due to tobacco related illness?  Don’t let your loved ones become a statistic, try to get them to make the switch to this cleaner alternative, and help them lean off the nicotine with time. Studies have shown that e cigs are 95-98 % more effective than anything else on the market

So friends what are you waiting for? Inform loved ones on this cleaner alternative and ensure you get as much quality time with them.  Raising awareness is something huge for us at EsmokerCanada Inc. we hope you will help us spread the vape love!

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

grandparents spending quality time with their young grandchildren