Dear Vapers,

Let’s try and break this down with some basic science, the chemical-laden ingredients of tobacco have long been known to cause lethargy, by sapping the energy resources of smokers. Because of these carcinogenic ingredients, cigarettes restrict lung capacity and the flow of oxygen around the body. So getting your loved ones to switch from smoking to vaping means they will have a lot more energy at their disposal! But listen, we aren’t saying loved ones will be running marathons any time soon, but they will certainly feel a lot more energetic within themselves whenever engaged in any physical activities.

The best part about making the switch to e cigs is you control the level of nicotine you want to vape. It’s a great motivator to see yourself wind down the nicotine from 12 percent to 6 percent down to ZERO!

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

Cartoon battery with a battery in his hand and a cap around his neck that represents energy chasing a cartoon cigarette