Dear Vapers,

Are you STILL trying to convince your loved ones to make the switch to vaping? If so, you should remind them if they like to smoke cigarettes indoors without harming themselves, other loved ones and fur babies that vaping is their solution! Did you know that the vapour from an e-cigarette does not linger like cigarette smoke, but actually dissipates into the air immediately leaving almost no odour behind? Non-smoking guests will find your house a much more pleasant place to visit, once loved ones make the switch to vaping.

There have been numerous studies illustrating the deadly impacts on second hand smoke. The good news is that recent studies have concluded that the vapour Guy with smoke in his mouth asks women "Care if I smoke" she answers "Care if I die?from a vapourizer is not harmful. “While passive vaping can be expected from electronic cigarette use, it may be no more injurious to human health than inhaling outdoor air or human breath emissions that occur naturally in public spaces.” February 20, 2014: John Madden, ‘A Comparison or Electronic Cigarette Emissions with Those of Human Breath, Outdoor Air, and Tobacco Smoke.’ Moreover, people should be more concerned about polluted cities than vaping according to Professor Riccardo Polosa. Claims of carcinogens toxins found in some vapour are well below the levels of harm.

So vapers, what are you waiting for? Encourage your loved ones to make the switch to this cleaner alternative. If they are still skeptical, remind them that EsmokerCanada Inc. will be happy to help them find a device that suits them! We also provide a 6 month warranty and free shipping!

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!