Dear Vapers,

We know smoking cigarettes is to fight a constant battle against stains and stink – that current smokers are constantly losing! You can help your loved ones achieve the ultimate victory by ditching cigarettes for good and switching to stainless, odourless, clean vaping.

There’s no tar in an electronic cigarette vapour, which is the main cause of all stains, and there is no tobacco plus thousands of other deadly chemicals which stained yellow fingers holding a burning cigaretteproduce the nasty smell of smoke that lingers wherever you go. Compared to electronic cigarette, the only smell of the vapour produced will be the merest hint of its flavour (be it fruity or traditional tobacco) before it dissipates into the air and is gone forever.

For smokers who have been battling their habit for years, it’s common to see stained yellow fingers and teeth caused by tobacco. Making the switch to vaping will eliminate such stains plus the 69 known cancer causing chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

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Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!