Join the flavor chaser club: Mesh Coil

What are they?


Mesh coils have recently become popular as an alternative to the regular wire coils that most vapers are familiar with. The main difference between mesh coils and regular coils is obviously the material in which the conduction aspect of the coil is made of. For mesh coils in particular they offer a wider and more even heating system in contrast to a regular coil. Another added benefit of the mesh coil, is that because of its wider surface area for heating, it can also absorb your e juice far more effectively, which gives you exaggerated flavour. With more surface area for heating and a quicker absorption rate you can also expect outstandingly massive clouds from this type of coil!


If you’re a vaper that notices that you burn your coils a lot more often than your friends who vape, you also may be interested in checking out these coils, as they also have a longer life span than your average coil.


Pros VS. Cons


Pros for the mesh coils are quite expansive


  1. Longer lifespan
  2. More even heating area- ensuring no hot spots, dry spots or accidentally burning your coil
  3. More dense flavour due to a much more efficient absorption technique and rate
  4. Massive clouds thanks to the larger surface area and even heating system
  5. Cheaper than regular coils- these coils cost $15.99/3 coils and regular coils cost $17.99/3 coils
  6. Coils are recoverable- similar to ceramic coils if you taste a burnt flavour you can “prime puff” aka pull into your vape without firing it, to bring juice back into the coil


Cons for the mesh coils are quite limited


  1. Often there is only one wattage range available in the mesh coils, for a medium-high range, which can limit you if you prefer vaping a very low MTL or very high DTL wattage


Types of Mesh Coils Available


Although mesh coils are relatively new, and have not been developed for every tank, and nowhere near being used by all popular brands, they are available for a couple different tanks.


Vaporesso NRG GT Mesh Coils ($15.99/3 coils)


-          The Vaporesso GT mesh coils are made for their newest NRG tank, and are designed for variable wattage (VW or wattage mode)

-          DTL coil, 0.18Ω providing an ideal wattage of 50-80W. This range provides a decent range whether you prefer lower wattage, or bigger clouds at higher wattage. These coils obviously require slightly more power than a MTL device, so they are best suited for lower nicotine levels

-          You can recover these coils if you have a burnt taste by pulling on your device without actually clicking the fire button to pull juice back into the coil


SMOK Prince TFV12 Mesh Coils ($16.99/3 coils)


-          Designed for the SMOK Prince TFV12 tank, and are only compatible with this particular tank

-          Quadruple coil cylinder for a larger surface area, the massive clouds SMOK is known for, and the outstandingly crisp flavour you want

-          This mesh coil is a 0.15Ω, meaning it is ideally run between 40-80W, but is optimal 60-70W. This coil runs slightly higher to its competition GT Core. If you want a mesh coil but prefer running your device at higher wattage, this particular mesh coil might be more suitable for you.

-          You can recover these coils if you have a burnt taste by pulling on your device without actually clicking the fire button to pull juice back into the coil