My Mod Isn't Working

Are you having issues with your vape? The issue you are experiencing could be the result of any easy fix, and were here to help. Before moving any further, we would suggest you try any of the following tips, and if you still can’t figure out what is wrong, feel free to contact us.

1. Try turning your device on. Your device may simply be off, so try clicking the fire button 5 times, and your device may turn on.

Do you have liquid in your device?

2. If you don’t have e-liquid in your tank, then there will be nothing for the coil to vaporizer, causing a malfunction or an unpleasant taste when you try to inhale.

If trying to turn your device on doesn’t work, then try the following tip…

3. Try plugging your vaporizer in. If the light or battery indicator lights up, then give it sufficient time to charge.

If charging your device did not solve your problem then…

4. Try checking your battery if your device has a removable battery, it may be placed in the wrong direction. Ensure that the raised side of the battery is facing the positive indicator in your vape.

Also ensure that the battery door is completely closed and that the battery is securely in your vaporizer

If nothing has worked up to this point then try checking your coil

5. If you coil is too burnt, or is not installed properly, and is too loose or too tight, the vaporizer may not be recognizing the coil. Try changing the coil if you have another one, or tighten the coil. If the coil is not tight enough in connecting to the battery, and is too tight in the atomizer, this can cause a lack of connection for the device to recognize the coil.

Is your battery more than 9 months old?

6. If you have charged your battery more than 300 times, it’s possible it has run its course. Lithium ion batteries (the same batteries that are in your phone) only have a 300-charge life, and typically stop holding full charge, if any after roughly 300 charges. SO if your device isn’t working, it’s possible the batteries need to be replaced (or if its internal, the entire mod may need replacing)

What are you charging your device with?

7. You should only use the charger that was provided with your vape. If you use a different charger, it can damage the batteries and/or the device, and cause it to malfunction.

Have you overcharged your device?

8. You should only be charging your device to the full charge, and if you charge it past that point than it can potentially cause damage. Ensure you are only charging your device to the full charge, then unplugging it. DO NOT charge it overnight, or leave it charging unsupervised, this can be dangerous to you and your vape.

Might your device be in stealth mode or the brightness is turned down?

9. Some devices feature a stealth mode which conserves your battery life by timing out your screen. Your device is most likely still on, and functional but the display itself is not visible due to the brightness being turned down. You may also have a setting for the screen brightness which may have been turned down or off.

Is your battery pin not connecting to the atomizer? “Low atomizer” or “No atomizer” message

10. It’s possible that the connection between the battery and the atomizer is damaged or the pin has somehow become loosened or inverted. This can cause a lack of connection, so check if your tank is too tight, or too loose, and make sure the pins are connecting on the mod and atomizer, to create an electrical connected. Check if your pin is damaged if this message continues; if your device has a screen

If your vaporizer still isn’t working then it’s possible it could be damaged. Have you dropped it or gotten water on it recently? If none of these steps have solved your problem and you have purchased your device within the last 6 months, you may be eligible for warranty. If you are or are not under warranty then contact us, and we can troubleshoot your problem with you.