Dear Vapers,

In the first few days, weeks, months of making the switch to the cleaner alternative, most smokers will face tobacco/nicotine withdraw symptoms. Most of these symptoms are typically correlated with tobacco withdrawal, and should not be misconstrued to be created by the usage of personal vaporizers. Please note, it is always best to check with your family physician if you suffer from any of the below.

 Do you suffer from dry mouth, sore throat and or dry lips?Women holding up a glass of water

  • First, as mentioned above, check with your family physician that you are not indeed sick with a common cold or virus. After that be informed that e liquid attracts moisture, which can dry your mouth, and throat and for some can possibly create sore throat.  We advise all vapers to stay hydrated and try to increase your water consumption to prevent or stop this problem from happening.

Do you suffer with headaches, nausea or racing pulse?

  • After checking with your family physician, has the weather changed drastically? If so, this could be a variable to consider. This could also be a direct result from a drastic change in vapers nicotine levels in a short time. You may need to consult with your physician, and change your nicotine strength.

 Are your muscles aching or cramping?  

  • As vegetable glycerine in e liquid only gets converted to lactic acid in the body, this at times may cause muscle aches. Many vapers find that drinking lots of water helps flush the lactic acid and soothe the sore throat. However, persistent problems of this nature can signify an allergy to vegetable glycerin. If this happens, medical consultation is highly advised.

 Are you allergic to Propylene Glycol?

  • Are you suffering from persistent sore throat and muscle pain? If so, this may be an indication that you could have an allergy to propylene glycol. Do you suffer from any of these allergy symptoms: night sweats, body rash, diarrhea and a dry, irritated or sore throat. If you do, we highly recommend you seek the advice of doctor and switch to a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) only e juice. 

Don’t stress, there are lots of positive side effects from making the switch to vaping, vapers report that their sense of smell, taste and energy levels gradually increases. Check out more reasons to make the switch here. We are always interested to hear vapers experience, tips and advice on making the switch to this cleaner alternative. Please feel free to leave a comment below we would love to hear your story!

Feel free to call our toll free number with any vape related questions: 1.888.209.5052

Happy Vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!