Simplicity and Reliability - RELX

RELX is an innovative and unique brand that has recently broken into the e-cigarette market, with a completely different mission than most vape brands. RELX is a company which was created by Kate Wang in China, in 2017. She made it clear that there was an intention with this company which needed to be addressed and set RELX apart from the other brands.

RELX stands for a very important set of values which are represented by their name. Firstly responsibility, in that RELX takes ownership in committing to finding answers to the needs and questions that each unique customer has. Secondly, empathy, with emphasis on their customers wanting to make a huge life change, and quit smoking, without having to worry that the alternative is not a better option, and that they won’t be able to make the switch. Quitting smoking can be incredibly tough, and even though switching to vaping makes that change a lot easier, RELX strives to make that switch even more seamless. Thirdly, leadership, ensuring that RELX’s products are both innovative and geared towards an ever-changing market, and setting the standards for vape products higher than anyone has aimed before. Making sure that all ideas are the best on the market, under the umbrellas of “science, technology, and design.” Finally, eXperience, arguably being the most important, in taking the individual vape experience of each customer into consideration and factoring that into customer service and products geared towards what people truly are asking for.

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RELX also ensures that their team is made up of employees who are brilliant, innovative, motivated, and uphold their important values and morals as a company together. Kate Wang was the former head of Uber China, and many employees are alumni of companies like P&G, HUAWEI, L’Oréal, Beats and more. The RELX team is proud to be made up of incredible scientists, engineers, and other professionals, who all advocate for the RELX company name and what stands behind it. The company is also supported by well-known capital firms in order to fulfill their mission completely.

RELX was another company that started small, with a big idea. It began as a crowd funding project on the site, and within the initial month and a half of being loaned, they had raised 10 times more than their initial goal. Once the company realized what a success the crowd funding idea had been, the company was launched and within 6 months they had become the number one e-cigarette brand in China both retail and online. 4 months after that, they had expanded to 138 cities and they had 6000 brick and mortar outlets within China alone. After such an incredible first year, RELX began breaking into the overseas vape markets and has expanded with the intention of growing from 5 markets to 50 by the end of 2019.

RELX Technology

Image by RELX

The technology, being one of the most important parts of RELX’s mission, is different from any other e-cigarette brand, and that’s what has been the backing to their success thus far. They have a unique technology called FEELM technology, which uses a ceramic vaporizer combined with a metal film, in order to enhance the vaping experience. RELX is confident in their technology’s ability to deliver soft and smooth pulls, packed with rich vapour and nicotine, as well as reliable battery function.

The RELX e-cigarette is a pod style vape device, and each pod is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes, keeping you satisfied for far longer. The charge of the RELX also last a full day, and can be charged in as short as 60 minutes, to full capacity. The ergonomic design has no buttons, and is intended for optimal user experience. The pods have a 2ml capacity, at a weight of 4g when full, and the resistance ranges from 1.0-1.2. Pods are available in nicotine levels between 3-5% as well. The pods are non-refillable, and have double sealed leak resistance, to protect you from any irritating drips as you vape. The device has a 350mAh battery capacity, which will last between 150 to 200 pulls at full power. The weight of the device without a pod, is 17g and has an output rate of 6.5W. The pods have a wide range of nicotine levels, but RELX also offers a wide range of flavours intended to satisfy any palette. RELX offers both the RELX Classic and RELX Alpha systems, which use individual pods, but both use the patented honeycomb coil technology to enhance the user’s vape experience.

RELX Pods For All Preferences

The flavours have different profiles geared to satisfy any and all vape preferences.

Classic Flavour Series

This series includes Ludou Ice, and Lemon Tea both in 3% nicotine, as well as Mint and Classic Tobacco in 5% nicotine. Ludou Ice is a dessert flavour, with a fresh taste, and “a splash of menthol for extra coolness”. Lemon Tea is sweet, and fragrant, and also has a bit of tang with a touch of menthol. Mint, both cool and refreshing, is the perfect flavour to wake you up, and has an extra splash of menthol for that additional kick, and Classic Tobacco is authentic and smoky, and is perfect for the customer who wants to keep it familiar.

Asian Classic Series

This series includes three flavours, Icy Slush, Peach Oolong, and Mellow Yellow which all come in 3% nicotine strengths. Mellow Yellow is a flavour which combines banana and milk to give a fresh and sweet taste, offset by that creamy milky flavour. Icy Slush gives you that classic but fresh taste, of a frozen drink on a hot summer day, and Peach Oolong will revive you and give you a bright awakening with its sweet, and familiar peachy taste.

Fresh Series

The fresh series is perfect for those who like both sweet and refreshing flavours, and includes Blueberry Mint, Mango, Grapefruit, Fresh Cucumber, Watermelon Mint and Tangy Purple in 3% nicotine, and Fruit in 5% nicotine. Blueberry Mint is sweet and refreshing with that familiar taste of a ripe blueberry with added mint. Mango is tart and rich, with a sharp profile. Grapefruit is cool and refreshing but will also give you that delicious sour flavour of grapefruit. Fresh Cucumber keeps you cool and gives you that wonderful refreshing taste, perfect for relaxing. Watermelon Mint, is an uplifting and satisfying flavour filled with the taste of ripe and juicy watermelon. Tangy Purple has a sweet and tangy taste of red grapes, and grape juice. Finally, Fruit is a light and sweet myriad of many tastes, including grapefruit, raspberry and blueberry and many more, for a more tropical flavour.

Cool Tea Series

The cool tea series has Green Tea, which is available in 3%, and will help you to relax and feel peaceful with that icy but relaxing flavour of a fresh green tea.

Image by RELX

RELX strives to find unique but palatable flavours geared to any taste buds, and with its wide variety, there are many options to vape inclusive of what you prefer.

Such a unique and innovative company that has taken over the e-cigarette market in some of the world’s largest metropolises must be expanding for a reason. Don’t miss the bandwagon, because this one is worth getting on.