Suorin Air


This compact but powerful device has recently become available for purchase at Esmoker Canada, and you won’t be disappointed. It may be small, but its power does not disappoint. This is the perfect vaporizer if you are on the go and want a high quality, lightweight but reliable device. It has a 400 mAh battery, that is rechargeable for your convenience, and has an on and off switch, as well as a battery indicator so that your Suorin never dies when you’re on the go.


The dimensions are unbeatable with a 86mm height, a 43mm length and an 8mm width, making it one of the smallest personal vaporizers on the market. The pod on the Suorin air is 2ml, making it perfect for on the go, and is easily refillable.  With it’s aluminum construction and automatic batteries, it’s lightweight construction will make it the sleekest personal vaporizer you’ve had to date.


This device has a sleek and subtle internal battery, making charging easier than ever. Additionally, the device is a mouth to lung and is sure to curb any cravings on the go. No need to worry about bringing your vape on the go, because you can keep your Suorin in your pocket. This device is the size of a car key and the sleek design as well as being one of the most inconspicuous and discreet devices on the market.


This device gives you the capability of refilling your vape or replacing the cartridge. The capabilities of this small but mighty vaporizer will blow you out of the water, and will never leave you stranded with a nicotine craving. This kit will leave you prepared whether you’re looking for a little nicotine buzz, trying to curve a minor smoking habit or if you just want to have a delicious fix while you’re out on the town.

You can charge this device using the micro USB port found on the bottom of the device, and it has a quick charge system. You won’t even be able to notice this vape is in your pocket. The Suorin also features a magnetic cartridge system with a “place and pull” convenience for all your on the go needs. The device

 also turns on automatically when you pull, making for your experience both convenient and user-friendly.







-          86mm x 43mm length x 8mm

-          2ml juice capacity

-          400 mAh internal battery

-          Output: 16W

-          Aluminum construction

-          Refillable or magnetic cartridges available

-          Battery indication

-          Micro USB charging system