Have you ever wondered how to tell if your coil needs to be replaced?

Here are few signs to look for: 

Burnt taste when taking a drag of your vape.  One of the most common indicators that your coil needs to be replaced is if the flavour of your e-liquid starts to taste burnt or a bit different than usual.

Liquid in your tank starts to turn darker.  This is easy to distinguish when your liquid is clear however; if your liquid is darker it may be more difficult to tell.

Leakage.  If your notice your tank starts leaking or if you are getting liquid in your mouth after taking a drag of your vape,  this is another possible sign that your coil is at the ends of its life.

Reduction in vapor production. When you put in a fresh coil you will notice thick vapor however, when your coil begins to die your vapor production will decrease. This usually happens gradually therefore it is more difficult to detect the change.

Black/brown cotton in coil. This is done by manually checking your coil. If it’s black on the inside it definitely needs to be replaced.

If you're experiencing any signs of a burnt coil its best to replace your coil right away.

Guy blowing vapor from electronic cigarette which disgusted look on his face. Text says Need 2 replace your coil?