Whether you're looking to transition away from smoking or looking to gift your palate a first class ticket to an undiscovered kingdom filled with exciting new flavours, vaping may be the answer you’ve been seeking. That said, the world of vaping can admittedly be a little intimidating to those looking to join this quickly growing community (new vapers can feel overwhelmed at the sheer variety of e-liquids, machines, and other accessories). Like any new technology, a little knowledge can go a long way in eliminating those feelings of apprehension.

But before you take up vaping with reckless abandon, there are several truths that you should come to accept. The first is that vaping may represent your greatest chance to curb your desire for using conventional tobacco products, so it’s definitely worth exploring. The second: if you’re new to vaping, you’re going to need to learn to walk before you can run.

You Know the Health Benefits, Now it’s Time to Get Started

If you’re actively looking to purchase a starter kit or simply been window shopping and picking the brains of the staff at your local vape shop, we’re going to assume that at this point, you’ve got a pretty good understanding of the many ways vaping is superior to smoking. Choosing where to go from here however can be daunting; you can ask around for recommendations but at the end of the day, the kit that you put together needs to be the right one for you.

Vaping Myth: Getting Started is Going to Break the BankNeon light of an arrow with the text Vaping side

Detractors of the vaping movement will often decry the high cost associated with vaping – e-liquid, they claim, needs to be replaced frequently, and practitioners of vaping on-the-go will invariably need to purchase a portable battery bank to keep them vaping (accessories that aren’t exactly needed when lighting up a cigarette). The fact of the matter is the cost of vaping is much less than smoking.

The Kit: What You Need to Start Vaping Today

If you’re ready to jump right in, there’s no harm in picking up a bundled kit. If however, you’re the more deliberate type, we’ve put together a list of the must have components that will get you vaping without delay. They include:

  • Battery: There is an appreciable range when it comes to batteries both in terms of charge time and battery life
  • Charger: Most devices come with micro usb chargers however if you're using a device that has a removeable battery or dual battery device you may want to get an external charger for faster charging. Battery chargers can vary significantly in price, the most expensive being those that can charge quickly and have a number of different ports capable of powering several devices. A power bank is another option as it can charge your batteries and you can take it with  you on the go. It's capable of charging your device and any other electronic like your cellphone.
  • E-juice tank (a.k.a Clearomizer): The vessel required to hold your chosen e-liquid
  • E-juice: The component that puts the vapour in vaping. There are innumerable types of brands and flavours available on the market today, and more being introduced all the time. With a little experimentation, it won’t be long before you find your e-juice of choice

With the mandatory basic components outlined, it’s time to focus on the more technical pieces that will be making up your kit – the battery and the tank. Don’t get me wrong, the brand and flavour of e-liquid you use is undeniably tied to your enjoyment of the product, but determining the right e-liquid for you is ultimately going to be a matter of preference, as a result, a significant amount of trial and error may be required.

As for the battery, you may notice that they can range in size from 180 mAh (milli amp hours) to 3000 mAh; the higher the mAh, the greater the charge it can hold. If you are currently a smoker the battery is important because you would want something that will last the day without having to recharge. The number of cigarettes you smoke per day is a good indication of the type of battery you require. For example if you're a pack a day smoker a 650mAh battery won't cut it, it will die before the day is over. You may want to purchase an device that has a removeable battery as they usually have 2500mAh or higher such as the Eleaf Pick 25.  For the light smoker you may want a smaller e-cigarette like the Ego Twist Starter Kit 650mAh. This device has adjustable voltage option. This will allow you to personalize your vaping experience. Visually, you can tell a battery has a variable voltage output because it will have an adjustable dial on the unit. As you’ll likely be experimenting with various flavours, having a variable voltage dial allows you to dial in to the ideal output for maximizing a particular liquid’s flavour.

As for tanks, we recommend picking up one that is reusable. Cleaning of the tank is easy, doesn’t cause a lot of fuss, and will save you the trouble of picking up a new one on the regular. For the typical user, a tank that can hold around 3 ml of e-liquid is enough to last all day. Of course, this will ultimately depend on your frequency of use.

And that, is your quick guide and introduction to the transformative world of e-cigarettes and vaping.