The pen simple grinder is the grinder of the future. This device is created for the easiest most user friendly weed experience. It ties all the grueling aspect of smoking cannabis to be one simple set up using the pen simple grinder. Not only does this electric grinder, grind your herbs finely to the perfect grind, but it dispenses them at the easy press of a button. This makes filling any vaporizer, water pipe, or rolling paper with herbs easier than ever. This electric herb grinder has another function which allows you to store up to 3 grams of herb in the chamber. This makes it easy to transport any herbs, and to grind them at the press of a button. The tapered tip on this grinder makes the dispensing step thoughtless and will prevent you from wasting any product. The lack of spilled product is a great feature, as you can dispense a fully packed bowl of herbs into your smoking method, and it’s ready to go!

This grinder is also USB chargeable, in a wall outlet or a computer USB port. With its three different functions of direct grind mode, direct storage mode or transportation, this is a seriously resilient grinder. The size also makes it easy to fit in a bag or backpack, or even your pocket for transport. The pen simple has aluminum construction, and the grinding teeth are aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring even the stickiest of bud will be ground to perfection.

The pen simple grinder comes with multiple pieces, including a micro USB charger, a funnel, and the pen simple device, as well as a poker tool. All the pieces are disassembling, allowing for easy cleaning. To use the pen simple, you put you herbs in the one end, and twist the aluminum teeth into the herb, and it grinds through the screen into the dispensing end of the device. Most importantly this device is incredibly inconspicuous and its aluminum build makes it relatively smell proof. It looks like a large luxurious pen, which makes it sleek and user friendly in design.