What is the Honeybird Nectar Collector?

The Nectar Collector Honeybird kit is a water-cooled vertical vaporizer made for vaporizing essential oils. Its pocket size makes it the perfect device for transport and portable use. This device is designed for any dab enthusiasts and has all the essential features to make the experience easy and comfortable. The Honeybird is 510 threaded, and has a quartz tip. There is a spill proof feature on this device, and a switch hit feature as well. The honeybird is also compatible with ceramic, quartz and titanium tips, which are available to be purchased separately. There is also a waterproof carrying case for easy transportation for on-the-go users. The honeybird is also compatible with 510 threaded vaporizer mods and batteries as well. All parts are easily disconnected for simple cleaning and maintenance.

To fill the honeybird, you simply fill a glass with water and using the tip of the device you suck the desired amount of water into the top tank piece through the glass tube. Collect your oils off the parchment paper and onto your dab tool, and place it into the parabolic dish. To use the honeybird you heat the quartz tip with a blow torch until it is hot enough (yellow or red) to vaporize the essential oils upon contact.

Included with the honeybird kit is one core, parabolic dish, a quartz tip (ceramic and titanium tips can also be purchased), an essential oils bottle, a collector protector, and a waterproof lanyard case for easy transport. Blow torch must be purchased separately.

This is the ideal vaporizer for on the go dabbers!

Step by step instructions:

  1. Attach the Honeycore to the quartz tip
  2. Fill a glass with water
  3. Suck the water into the Honeycore using the quartz tube
  4. Collect your essential oils on the dab tool and put them into the parabolic dish
  5. Heat the quartz tip with a torch until it turns a red colour, and is hot enough to vaporize the oils
  6. Place the quartz tip onto the essential oils, and inhale
  7. ENJOY!