The New and Improved IPriv from SMOK Tech


Artificial intelligence meets clouds…


Just when you thought vaping couldn’t get any more intelligent, SMOK has done it again. AI- also known as Artificial Intelligence- has become a growing trend that has been incorporated in a plethora of new technology within the past couple years. AI is in many different technologies which you experience on a daily basis. Some examples that you may experience on a daily basis include “Siri” or voice assistance on iPhones, driverless autonomous cars from Tesla, and lifelike characters in video games. Other entities like the military, the financial world and the medical world have also used AI to assist them in certain areas of function.


Artificial intelligence within the IPriv

 Voice Control your Device with SMOK

Just when you thought SMOK couldn’t get any more innovative, they proved you wrong. The newest release from SMOK- the IPriv- is an AI controlled vape that can hear your commands, respond to you and perform your commands as well. They have also included a new TFT screen, to make your vaping experience even more high-tech!


To use your IPriv, you must wake up your personal vape assistant by saying “Hi IPriv” and then this unlocks the power to use 16 unique command codes, in which your AI assistant will execute your requests. You have to ability to use these commands to control power, modes, as well as display options.


Voice commands include

-          Power

  • Best power
  • Power up
  • Power down
  • Power off

-          Mode

  • Wattage mode
  • TC (temperature control) mode

-          Basic commands

  • Lock device
  • Unlock device
  • Light on
  • Light off

-          Display commands

  • SOS
  • Light flash
  • Light colour
  • Screen colour
  • Voice play


All of the voice commands above are recognized by your AI assistant, and will be countered with a human-like response, as well as an action. Additional to the new AI additions to SMOK’s innovative features, they have implanted a new user interface, allowing for an updated and improved visual experience.


IPriv Features


This device has the ability to function in 2 main modes


  1. Variable wattage or memory mode
  2. TC mode, which encompasses Ti (titanium), Ni (Nickel), and SS (Stainless steel mode)


The vape itself is available in 8 stunning colours, including Black, Red, Gold, Prism Blue, Prism Chrome, Green, Purple and Prism Rainbow. The screen is also available in 6 colours including, blue, purple, gold, red, teal and green


This vape can also output a whopping 230W for bigger clouds than ever before! There is also a dual battery life indicator, so you can keep track of both your batteries simultaneously. This device is also prepared for bigger and stronger batteries, and is compatible with 20700 and 21700, but if you want to keep it standard, there is an adapter for 18650 batteries. This updated vape also allows for software upgrading.


The power is now in your hands…

 IPriv Back and Box Green



1x IPriv Mod

1x USB cable

1x User manual

1x 18650 battery adapter

Spare parts



 IPriv Specs Black

-          95.5mm height x 56mm width x35mm depth

-          188.6g weight

-          Power range: 1W-230W

-          Input voltage: 6.4V-8.4V

-          Output voltage: 0.5V-8.2V

-          Resistance: 0.1-2.5Ω (VW) / 0.05-2Ω (TC)

-          Temperature range: 200-600/100-315

-          Dual battery life indicator

-          10 second cut-off

-          Overheating and short-circuit protection

-          Puff monitoring system

-          Intelligent atomizer recognition

-          Software update compatibility