Cloutank Cloupor M4 allows herbal extracts and essential oils to be vaporized in the chamber without opening the chamber. As well it has an ego threading to fit all ego thread products.  It is made of medical grade steel and Pyrex Glass for durability and high temperature resistance.  The unique design allows you to adjust your device for dry herbs or essential oils by giving you the option to choose your coils.  Its multifunctional tip allows you to press down on the mouth piece to compress the dry herbs toward the heater coil; rearranging inside the chamber without removing the tank.  The second feature is its self-cleaning capability; when you remove the tank and press down on the mouthpiece, it pushes the used dried herb out and easily cleans the tank for you. It has vaping and cleaning qualities combined for ultimate convenience, it doesn't get much better! 

If you’re searching for a 2-in-1 dried herb and essential oil vaporizer in Canada the Cloupor M4 Vaporizer Starter Kit is affordable and gets the job done!  This 2-in-1 vaporizer kit comes with three replacement heads, EGO Twist battery with voltage control, charger and instructions, all the components you need to start vaping your dry herbs and concentrated herbal oils right away!

The features that this vaporizer has that is modified from the previous M4 is the increased tank size, which allows you to fit more dry herbs into the tank. There is also a double filter which allows you to get purer hits of vapour. Finally this device has adjustable airflow which can be opened or closed dependent on whether you are vaporizing dry herbs or concentrates/distillates.

This 2-in-1 herb and oil vaporizer is self-cleaning but can also be detached and cleaned out, and any disposable parts are replaceable. The construction is steel and Pyrex, making the cleaning experience and vaping experience the most efficient and enjoyable for you! This product is created with the Vaper in mind, and checks all the boxes in terms of essentials for a vaporizer of its capability.