Vape Laws



    Similar to the Liberal government’s imposed nicotine cap that was enforced on July 23rd, they have also proposed one of the most detrimental legislation thus far: A Ban on Flavours! The public

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  2. How to Transition from High Strength Nicotine to 20mg

    How to Transition from High Strength Nicotine to 20mg


    The new Federal Nicotine Concentration in Vaping Products Regulations limits the nicotine strength options to no higher than 20mg/mL, leaving many higher strength nicotine vapers wondering what to do. Returning to smoking is not

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  3. Marijuana to be legal in Canada as of October 17 2018 | Esmoker Canada

    Marijuana to be legal in Canada starting October 17


    As of October 17th this year, marijuana will become legalized in Canada. It’s wise to know what to expect, as well as what the legaliza

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  4. Delays on Bill 174

    Keep upto-date on all your vaping news with us here at EsmokerCanada with bills being passed around and by-laws being talked about keep yourself in the know!
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  5. How Vaping is Different in Every Province and Territory


    Canada’s Vaping Law: How it’s Different in Every Province and Territory

    Whether you vape or not, the laws within Canada regarding vaping, knowing the legislation is key


    Follow the Money…

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  6. E-Cigarette Regulations Across the Globe and How It Will Affect Travellers

    E-Cigarette Regulations Across the Globe and How It Will Affect Travellers


    E-cigarettes in Canada and around the globe have recently become very popular for a multitude of vapers. If you are a traveler, you should be aware of the various e-cigarette laws and regulations in the countries you’re visiting to avoid penalties.


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  7. Bill 174- Schedule 3, Another Problem for Vaping

    Bill 174- Schedule 3

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  8. The Facts about Bill 174

    On December 12th, the third reading of Bill 174 was held, and the bill was carried on division, meaning all aspects of the bill were passed as is. This bill is known as an omnibus bill, as it incorporates a plethora of unrelated topics into one bill, and every aspect is either passed or denied. Bill 174 will put serious restrictions on the freedom of the vaping community. This bill will prohibit a lot of the aspect which make vaping, not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but a more enjoyable one.

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  9. Ontario Bans E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers Where Smoking Already Prohibited

    An article below from Global News discusses the Ontario legislation banning the use of personal vaporizers where smoking is prohibited. Well I don't completely disagree with the new rules I believe that grouping smokers and vapers into the same category isn't solving the real problem. Should vapers be able to use their device in a restaurant or a store? The answer to this is NO. Everyone should be concious and respectful of others around them and not interfer with their personal space, I don't think someone who switched from smoking to vaping would a appreciate someone's vapour in their face while their eating.  That being said one of the main issues I have with these rules is how they are grouping smokers with vapers together. The major difference between smoking and vaping is that while smoking produces second hand smoke, which is a known carcinogen, vaping does not as it is not combustible. This factor alone should be enough to establish that smoking and vaping are nowhere near the same threat. Also one other point to be made is the Ontario Government is telling ex-smokers who have quit smoking using a vape to now congregate with the smokers exposing them to second hand smoke one of the reasons why they quit smoking. Does that sound fair? Legislations need to recognize that vaping isn't a fad and its here to stay.  I agree that there needs to be regulation and legislation but it has to be fair.

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  10. Electronic Cigarette Debate with David Sweanor & Mark Holland

    Dear Vapers,

    On December 15, 2014 Steve Paikin from The Agenda discusses Ontario's Bill 45 to regulate the selling of electronic cigarettes. The debate highlights the science behind e-cigarettes, whether they're a useful cessation tool, or a gateway to more smoking with public health advocate David Sweanor, Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Ottawa and Mark Holland, Executive of The Heart & Stroke Foundation (Ontario).

    We have transcribed (to the best of our ability) the top 10 positive quotes from the debate. Please raise awareness and share the vape love. Together we can make a difference and help save a billion deaths that will occur due to cigarette smoking in this century.

    Happy Vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

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  11. FDA Admits Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

    Dear Vapers,

    Good news! The FDA's push for electronic cigarette regulation, may not have completely adverse effects on the industry after all. For the first time ever, top officials with the FDA suggested electronic cigarettes do NOT contribute to cancer related death, rather, can actually reverse it.

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