Dear Vapers,

To welcome new vapers to the community, we have put together a list of commonly used terms and abbreviations below. Please feel free to comment on any we missed :)

Happy Vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

General Terms

  • Vapers – current smokers who made the switch the cleaner alternative
  • Analog - Regular Cigarette
  • Mod - vapers device/ battery and housing
  • Pull - The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapour into your mouth
  • TH - Throat Hit, the tingling sensation in the back of your throat when vaping. The combination of high nicotine strength and better atomizer tanks vapers can increase or decrease the TH. E liquid flavours also play an important role in vapers TH
  • Vapour - The "Water Substance" aka "Vapour Clouds" emitted from an e cigarette
  • Vape, Vaping - The use of an electronic cigarette (similar to the term "smoking" when referring to an analog)
  • Topping off - Adding drops of e liquid to your current cartridge.
  • Dripping - Vaping by adding a few drops of e liquid directly on the atomizer instead of using a cartridge.
  • Dipping - Sticking the bridge of the atomizer in e liquid
  • Vaperversary - Is the day that commemorates vapers start date of making the cleaner switch to smoking. Typically vapers will celebrate it with family and friends, and some wil reward themselves with an upgraded e cig device/tank etc. 

Electronic Cigarette TermsText that says "Ask anyone who vapes"

  • E-cig or E Cigarette - electronic cigarette device aka personal vapourizer
  • PV - Personal Vapourizer
  • ATTY - Atomizer
  • Cart - Cartridge
  • Bat - Battery
  • Filler - The fiber found inside your cartridge that holds your e-liquid
  • PCC - Personal Charging Case
  • SD - ScrewDriver
  • JS - Janty Stick
  • PT - Pass-through or pass-through battery
  • 2-piece/Disposable - 2 part e-cigarette, the battery and a cartomizer
  • Cartomizer - An atomizer built into the cartridge, marketed as disposable (you throw it away when the e-liquid is used up).
  • 3-piece - 3 part e-cigarette. Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge.
  • Cutoff - Refers to how long the battery will activate the atomizer before shutting down (safety measure to protect the atomizer).
  • DIY - Do it yourself 
  • mAh - Milliamp Hour Of Battery
  • MAh is used to describe the capacity of how long a battery will it last – it is known to be the easiest way to measure the strength/capacity of the battery. As a rule of thumb, the higher the MAh, the longer your battery will last. BUT for vapers using variable voltage (VV) or variable wattage(VW) e cig devices, where voltage/wattage can be altered, the battery can drain faster/slower depending on its settings. Friendly reminder, the higher voltage/ wattage will consume the battery capacity faster.
  • First time vapers should note that in most 650mAh battery personal vapourizer, with no voltage/wattage control will last a full day (ideal for 12-18 tobacco cigarettes per day smokers). As always, vapers personal habits will dictate your actual need. For vapers using e cig devices with voltage/wattage settings, we recommend using a higher capacity battery 
  • Variable Voltage (VV) – Also known as Volts, is the amount of potential energy in vapers battery or electronic device. The higher the voltage, produces more heat. When you have more heat, your coils will burn faster, unless you are a seasoned vaper and build your own coils and use lower resistance coils. At EsmokerCanada we highly recommend most vapers to stay within the 3.7 (default for most e cig devices) to 4.2 volts to keep coils in good shape for longer, which will avoid quickly burning the atomizer coil or the e liquid. If you change Voltage, the wattage automatically changes based on the formula above (in same direction as your voltage change) and vice-versa. We typically suggest vapers to use the Wattage mode and keep it between 7 - 10 watts, unless vapers are more advanced and have a clear understanding of using higher wattages.
  • Variable Wattage (VW) –Also known as watts, is the power or the heat an e cig or vapourizer will generate using the current form the battery at the set voltage. Wattage is the measurement of Power and is often represented as a capital "W" or "P" on e cig device displays.Ohm (symbol: Ω) - Is used to measure electrical resistance of a coil. Most e liquid vapourizers, such as electronic cigarettes or cloud makers, have an atomizer coil. When the vaping e cig device is activated and provides electrical current, at a certain pre-defined or customizable voltage / wattage.
    • Simple formula to keep in mind is: Power (in Wattage) = P = Voltage2 / Resistance Ω of Coil
    • Vaping at really high wattage or voltage will produce more vapour, but friendly reminder the drawback is burning out both your coil and the battery faster. Vapers will also consume more e juice due to faster vapourization rate. A general rule of thumb is tobacco and gourmet flavoured e liquid require higher voltage/wattage than fruity or minty flavours.
  • A lower resistance coil will heat faster, vapers can find the resistance of your coil by typically looking for the ohm sign on the coil (in really small letters, typically ranging from 0.5 to 2.4 ohms). EsmokerCanada will also provide this information and ensure you purchase the correct coils for vaper’s personal vapourizers 

E Liquid Terms

  • E juice, e liquid, e cig juice - the liquid nicotine that you fill your cartridges with
  • PG - Propylene Glycol
  • VG - Vegetable Glycerin
  • EG - Polylethylene Glycol 
  • Clouds - The vapour produced out of your e cig depending on your coil 
  • Gurgling Clearomizer Tank Or Flooded Atomizer - your clearomizer regulates the amount of e liquid and air required to produce vapour in vapers e cig device. Please note that over time, due to condensation or heavy pulling by vapers, the atomizer coil system tends to become "flooded" with too much e liquid which causes that gurgling sound, due to "choking" of air. This will also reduce users vapour production and quality of taste.
  • A way we suggest to fix the problem of flooded or gurgling atomizer is by getting your new best friend, aka a paper towel and tissue paper, open your tank properly to ensure you don’t spill any e liquid. Remove your atomizer / coil from the tank and remove any excess e juice by lightly tapping it on your paper towel. Vapers should also let any excess e liquid in the center tube drip out. A tip we have learned is twisting the tissue to clean juice from your coil and battery. After that, simply screw everything back together, and let your coil soak for a few minutes before vaping! Friendly reminder, vapers don’t pull too strong or hard on your personal vapourizer, you should aim for a slow long puffs. If you can’t then test out a variable airflow tank with maximum airflow option. That way, you can control the airflow, but should keep in mind that a tank can still get flooded due to other variables, but thankfully it’s easy to clean!

Please note if this gurgling continues to happen repeatedly, your coil is mostly burned out and needs to be replaced

Personal Vapourizer Parts

  • Atomizer Coil / Wick also known as coil is the heart of your vaping e cig device. It typically has a wicking material and a coil (of certain resistance). These parts are typically enclosed in a tiny metal casing, with screws and attaches to the rest of your clearomizeer tank.
    • The atomizer is where your e juice is vapourized from liquid into vapour. This atomizer takes current at a certain voltage from the battery, and produces certain wattage of heat, which then heats up the e liquid into vapour, with assistance from the air you pull in.
  • Cartomizers are sealed cartridges used with electronic cigarette batteries to produce vapour. These cartridges are typically made of metal and have an atomizer coil surrounded by wick system and 1 - 1.5ml e liquid. Each of these cartomizers are typically equivalent to 25-30 tobacco cigarettes for most people. The actual value for you is dependent on your personal esmoking habits. For example, the length of puffs, environmental factors (drastic change in temperature will affect how much work the battery and coil have to do to vapourize your e liquid), type of e liquid (percentage of PG/VG), cartomzier and battery will affect the usage and life cycle. While cartomizers are easy to use, they can typically only work properly for a maximum of 1-2 times, due to lower life span of the coil used.
  • Clearomizer/Tank is the name of the part in a personal vapourizer that holds the atomizer. It is typically a metal / glass / plastic "tank" enclosure, usually with a replaceable or rebuildable atomizer coil inside it where the vapourization happens.
  • 510 Thread is one of the most popular threading used in e cig products. Threading is the ridge or uniform section in the form of a helix on the external or internal surface of an electronic cigarette battery or tank.