Dear Vapers,

Most vapers have heard this time and time again from uninformed individuals claiming that the vapour produced from electronic cigarettes is the same as "smoke". I don’t blame them for their ignorance but rather the mainstream media who’ve done a good job using the two interchangeably and the government who has categorized vapers under the same umbrella as smokers alike. The reality is electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers don't contain any smoke at all, and the "steam" that is emitted from the device is actually vapour. The smokeless device may appear to look like the real deal, but it contains no tobacco or tar like traditional cigarettes AND nothing is burned!  Electronic cigarettes do not have the high levels of toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide to name a few. So how do they work and where does this vapor come from?

When a user puffs on their electronic cigarette, an odourless vapour is eliminated from the battery-powered device. This happens through a very simple process, one that is remotely different from the use of traditional cigarettes. In an automatic e-cig the vapourization process begins when the user takes a draw from the clearomizer. If your e-cig has a manual switch, the process is activated with a mere press of the button. As you inhale and press the button simultaneously it activates the battery to heat up the atomizer/coil inside the clearomizer where the e-liquid is housed and poof! Your favourite e-liquid gets converted liquid to vapour. Then the vapour exits through the user’s mouthpiece and the is dispersed into the user’s lungs and then exhaled, similarly to how someone would take a puff of a cigarettes. The vapour is not smoke and therefore harmless; dissipating within seconds or minutes depending on how much vapour you produce.

So what exactly is in this cloud? The vapour is mainly comprised of water, nicotine (optional), natural or artificial flavouring, food grade additives vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are FDA-approved and are found in the foods and drinks that we consume.

If you are interested in purchasing your first vape device, we have plenty of starter kits available. Come and join the wonderful world of vaping - you have nothing to lose except the 69 known cancer causing chemicals in traditional cigarettes.

Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

 no smoking sign with cigarette vapour allowed text says its not Smoke is vapour