Aspire Breeze 2


You heard right…the Aspire Breeze 2 is now available at Esmoker Canada. With the success of the original Breeze Vaporizer, Aspire, has redesigned and re-released the Breeze 2 with modifications allowing for the most convenient user-friendly design possible. This device features an innovative and improved filling method. This particular tank holds 2ml of e liquid but additionally has an option for 3ml of juice capacity. There is an outstanding ergonomic design for the breeze 2, available in 4 vibrant colours of black, red, grey and blue. The ergonomic design was created for both a comfortable vaping experience, but a comfortable design that fits in your hand with ease.


The coils supported with the Breeze 2, still feature the outstanding U-tech coil technology which focuses on delivering a smooth and flavourful vaping experience. The battery capacity of this device is an outstanding 1000 mAh for its sized, and its compact size makes it even more unique. The dimensions are a sleek and compact 96mm by 35mm and the thickness is 19mm. the airflow system allows you to adjust the mouthpiece to whatever airflow you find to be suitable and comfortable for your personal experience.


The breeze 2 is also equipped with a “pod” which comes in both a 3ml and 2ml capacity. The system is simple and user-friendly allowing for an easy release using a button on the side of the device. The replacement “pod” can be inserted simply with a confirmation ‘click’ that it’s in place.


The coil replacement is easy and ergonomic, using a quick and easy pull to remove, and a simple unscrewing of the drip tip allowing for you to easily detach the atomizer. You simply have to detach the airflow control ring, and re-attach it after replacing the coil. This process is simple and will only take you a couple minutes.


The coil on the breeze 2 is specifically designed for nicotine salts and is a 1.0ohm coil but also comes equipped with a 0.6ohm spare coil in case you decide to use non-nicotine salts. The pods are also refillable if you want to use your own favourite juice to refill the Breeze 2.


The device also charges using a micro USB port and can sustain up to 800mAh. The breeze will indicate when it is charging as well.




-          2/3ml juice capacity

-          1000mAh/800mAy

-          Micro USB charging

-          96mm/35mm/19mm

-          Aluminum construction