What the Heck is a Juul?


As the popularity of POD systems and nic salts has grown within the vaping community, some people may have been wondering what exactly all the rage with these POD systems are about, and what the heck they are. They can be a cheap and convenient solution, to making the shift from smoking to vaping. The additional convenience of these POD systems, is the fact that you don’t have to buy different juices, or all the other potential struggles of vaping with a DTL (direct to lung) system. Other MOD systems can be expensive and confusing, complicated and make the switch even harder than it needs to be.

Some of the struggles of a regular vape systems can be all of the logistics with changing coils, choosing and changing juices, choosing nicotine strengths and weaning off them, picking wattage, selecting battery, dual or single … the list goes on. On top of the complications you may experience, the other issue can be money. Cheaper vape systems can be ineffective and expensive set ups can be … well … expensive. If you’re making the shift, although it can be cheaper in the long run to vape instead of smoking, paying $100 and up out of pocket may not be an option for you.


Now you may be thinking that all this information is quite discouraging in making the shift but fear not because there is a compromise. POD systems are not only an affordable and simpler alternative, but they will help you make a stress-less shift. These “portable systems” allow for versatility of power, long lasting battery, juice capacity and diversity and come equipped with everything you need without you having to worry about assembling and changing parts and more.


There are substantial options from different companies that can cater to all your needs. There are of course pros and cons to all options, but the pros of this option are fairly extensive.


  1. Higher nicotine hit which can allow for quick relief from craving, without having to light up a toxic cigarette. The nicotine used in POD systems is also nic salts, which are a more stable form of nicotine which also allow for a nicotine hit almost identical to that which you feel when you light up a cigarette
  2. Easy to use with no buttons of coil changing the process is simpler than ever. It’s automatically activated when you pull which makes for longer lasting battery life, and the easiest process you could ask for just like a cigarette
  3. Leak and struggle proof since the devices are made ahead of time, and the pods are disposable you don’t have to worry about much


Some of the cons may be a deal breaker for you but they are a lot easier than the other struggles you may have with other vapes.


  1. Limited flavours because the PODs are premade, but this can also make the plethora of flavour choices less daunting.
  2. Less liquid capacity than other tanks. This can be a con or a pro because some tanks can be the same capacity or less, but if you tend to chain vape, then you may run through PODs quickly.


Overall there are a lot of companies which have found success in POD systems and some of the popular ones include


-          JUUL (available in the USA only, however many clone models are available in Canada)

-          Aspire Breeze

-          Suorin Air

All these brands are reliable, versatile and well known, but most importantly well-constructed and will help you quit without the struggles you may have had in the past.