Nicotine Salts

What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine in regular e liquid is freebase nicotine, and is produced by eliminating the protons, which also separates the nicotine “salts” from the nicotine to create the “freebase nicotine”. Once the protons and other components have been eliminated and a freebase nicotine has been created, the nicotine can be used in e-liquid.

Nicotine salts on the other hand, utilizes the natural salts formed in the leaf of the tobacco plant. Nicotine salt is a more stable alternative to freebase nicotine, and administers more nicotine per ml of ejuice. Nicotine salts also have a quicker absorption rate of the nicotine into their bloodstream than typical eliquids.  In regular ejuice, the nicotine absorption rate is stable and consistent, but with nicotine salts, the nicotine absorption is substantially higher at the point of inhalation, comparable to a regular cigarette. This is ideal for Vapers who find that eliquid doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction that they get from a combustible cigarette, since nicotine salts have a similar absorption rate for nicotine into the bloodstream, as seen with a cigarette. With nicotine salts the throat hit is strongly intensified, which can be great for those Vapers who are making a shift from consuming a large amount of nicotine through smoking, to vaping.

What makes nicotine salts better than regular eliquid?

  • Cost effective. With the higher level of nicotine in nic salts, you will get increased satisfaction from less eliquid, and therefore will use less e-liquid
  • Shelf life. Since the nicotine in nic salts is a more stable compound, it will have an extended shelf life compared to regular e-liquid
  • Closest alternative to a cigarette. This is the closest alternative to a cigarette, since with the faster absorption rate, you will get more nicotine at the initial consumption, rather than a consistent lower level of nicotine, that you get from regular eliquid

Can I use them in my Sub-ohm device?

Yes, and no. Regular nic salts, are made to be used in a lower temperature, like typical pen-style ecigarettes. With nic salts the level of nicotine can be too high to use in a sub-ohm device, but if you like your clouds, but want to try nic salts out, you’re in luck. Premium labs has formulated an e-liquid, which can be used in sub-ohm devices and pen style devices, but has the same qualities of nic salts. You get much higher nicotine levels, but you can use it in your sub-ohm device! Their “Mix Nix” blends both nicotine salts are freebase nicotine together, to give you the satisfaction you want no matter the vape you have. This innovative and revolutionary product is available exclusively to Premium Labs, and stores which sell Premium Labs products. This new concept is perfect for experienced or beginner vapers, who need their nix fix!