Ohms- The Breakdown

What exactly do ohms mean?

In technical terms, an ohm is a measure of electrical resistance. In vaping, terms, this measures the resistance of the current that is travelling through the wire in your coil. If you coils is sub-ohm at lower ohms, the power that it can output will be higher. This essentially means the coil is made out of larger wire, and has a higher surface area. A coil that is mouth to lung and pulls like a cigarette is ohms of 1.0 and higher, and they require much lower power. A coil that is direct to lung, also known as sub-ohm below 1.0ohms, the power you output will be much higher than at 1.0ohms.


Essentially, you can think of it like a garden hose. A longer hose, that is thick, can hold more water than a thin and short hose. This same idea carries over to power in your vape. If the recommended wattage is low, then the wire is thin and shorter, rather if the recommended wattage is higher, then the wire is thick and longer, and has a higher surface area.

Coils and Ohms

Certain coils have multiple coils within what looks like a single coil. For example Smok makes coils that have single, double, tri, quad etc. coils within the one coil, which gives the coil a bigger surface area, and therefore more power can run through it, and voila! Big clouds!

Ohms and Temperature

Ohms also affect the temperature of the vapour, so if you have high ohms, the vapour will feel cooler, but if you have lower ohms (and are using higher power), the vapour will also be much hotter.

Ohms and Flavour

One of the most important factor that ohms affect is the flavour! At higher wattages you will have much crisper and delicious flavour! The higher the wattage, the more you will taste the flavour, and of course, the bigger the clouds!

Ohms and Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the lower the ohms, the more power it will take to run the coil, and this will affect your battery life. If you have a mod that runs up to 80W, and you are running a coil that is 0.9 or 1.0 ohms, then your battery will last very long. Whereas with an 80W device, if you are running a 0.2ohm coil, it will require a lot more wattage and power to heat it, and therefore your battery will last substantially less time.

Coil Life Span and Ohms

Life span of coils isn’t really affected by the ohms, because with higher ohms, less vapour comes out, which sometimes causes people to pull really hard on their device. With lower ohms, you are sending a lot more heat through the coil, and you are much more likely to burn your coils.  So the lifespan of your coils is really a personal thing, and depends on a lot of factors.