What is a Throat Hit?

What is it? What does nicotine strength affect?

You know that feeling you get when you take a big inhale of your cigarette and its hits the back of your throat? That’s what a throat hit is. It’s essentially the sensation you get from nicotine hitting your throat. Don’t worry though, if you make the switch from smoking to vaping, you can still achieve a throat hit. The way to get a throat hit from vaping is to find a nicotine strength that fits your needs. This means finding a nicotine strength that is not uncomfortable, but it’s just strong enough to give you the same satisfaction as a cigarette. Essentially there are many levels of nicotine, but finding the right level for you is the key factor in having a satisfying throat hit.

PG and throat hits

Another thing that affects the throat hit, is one of the main ingredients of eliquid. PG or propylene glycol is ingredient in the eliquid that fortifies the throat hit.

Power and your throat hit

Another thing that can increase your throat hit is the power in your device. For example if you have 3mg of nicotine at 100W it is going to be a much stronger throat hit than if you are vaping the same 3mg at 20W. Therefore if you don’t want to have a super high level of nicotine, but you value your throat hit.

Over time

Throughout your journey of quitting, it’s possible that when you get more comfortable with your healthier alternative to smoking, that you may value your throat hit less, and you may lower your nicotine. That being said, even a little bit of nicotine will still give you a throat hit but it won’t be as strong as when you started. His doesn’t mean that you won’t get as much satisfaction, but you might simple just not need as much nicotine to feel satisfied.

Over-time you may also upgrade your ecigarette. As mentioned before, the power your vape has also affects the throat hit, so if you upgrade from an eGo to a mod, you may also consider lowering your nicotine. Even if you upgrade your device, but lower your nicotine you will still experience that satisfying throat hit!

Airflow and throat hits

When you prefer a stronger throat hit, typically for new Vapers, you also most likely will want a mouth-to-lung device. With a mouth to lung device, the airflow and therefore resistance is a lot higher, and to do this, you typically need to restrict airflow. On a lot of mouth to lung devices, the airflow is automatically restricted, but over time as you don’t have as much desire for a strong throat hit, you may desire a more open airflow. If you are interested in a good throat hit, the smaller the airflow the better.