What is an Ecig Mod?



In terminology, ecig is an electronic cigarette, and the word mod stands for modification. The word mod can be interchangeable with a number of terms. Vaporizer, ecigarette, ecig, and mod are all umbrella terms for sub ohm devices, but can also encompass the MTL lower temperature pen style vaporizers.   


Originally, the first e cigarettes were simply electronic simulations of a cigarette, at minimal temperatures, and there was no variation between them. They were offered in a limited number of prefilled e juice tanks, and nicotine strengths. These electronic cigarettes had encompassed a brilliant market for helping smokers quit, but the quality was slightly lacking. There were individuals who were more mechanically inclined and were interested in having a more advanced e-cigarette. The original e cigs all had internal batteries and had no considerations for the needs of different individuals. The development of “mods” gave the Vaper the ability to switch different aspects of their device to tailor their individual needs. For example, with mods you can change the battery power to suit how much you use your vape, or to support higher temperatures and bigger clouds! The development of mods also gave the consumer the ability to replace certain aspects of the electronic cigarette rather than dispose of the whole ecig when it was finished.

It took a couple generations to really master the manufacturing of mods, and to make it the vast and diverse market that it is today. In the first generation, the electronic cigarettes were simply low function, low temperature electronic cigarettes. The second generation of ehttp://www.discoverymedicine.com/Riccardo-Polosa/files/2015/10/discovery_medicine_no_109_riccardo_polosa_figure_11.jpg cigarettes was slightly more developed, but didn’t cater to the customizing and individual needs that certain Vapers desired. The third generation of electronic cigarettes- which with some further evolution is what is available today- modified the vaporizers to support higher temperatures, higher resistance and more advanced atomizers for tanks. Some have extensive capabilities, and some of the most innovative and advanced mods are manufactured by Smoktech, with their touch screens features on some ecig mods, and their other advanced features! The primary difference between an ecigarette and a mod, is that a mod will have variable wattage (VW) and most ecigarettes are one temperature, and may even be disposable. With the more modern mods, there are usually digital screens, while some even have touch screens like the Smoktech G-Priv.


Essentially the terminology is relatively interchangeable, and vaporizer, ecigarette, vape pen and mod are generally all the same things. In technical terms there can be a difference

  • Ecigarette could refer to a small disposable e- cigarette, like the first generation ecigs. The battery is usually at a fixed power setting, disposable, and the tank is not refillable
  • Vaporizer simply refers to any electronic cigarette which vaporizes an e-liquid to create vapour
  • A vape pen refers to the refillable, rechargeable lower temperature vaporizers
  • Mod can refer to the bottom half of the ecigarette, simply the battery and not the tank, or it can refer to the entire electronic cigarette as a whole, typically sub ohm units

WHAT TYPES OF “MODS” ARE THERE?https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/BtGJJtvmOi0JzvK2839_g5LiRhPUBruaQGRPAD1juo4f-m1VFYKES3ZM2mLOfvYqzYslypTq-ylWGaDMcoQqobn3SHuhCVKli1fwG1boBdlvWRfUFT7G-MIF_jvrK549H-CPTuzC

HYBRID- A device with a customizable and rebuildable atomizer, which is also called an RBA (rebuildable atomizer), RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer), RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) and RDTA (rebuildable drip tank atomizer)

TELESCOPIC- Can support a range of battery sizes, usually including 18350, 18500, and 18650

PERSONAL VAPORIZER- Another term for vaporizer or electronic cigarette

ADVANCES PERSONAL VAPORIZER- These mods have circuitry, and are usually equipped with different modes, like VW (variable wattage), and TC (temperature control), and other features

MECHANICAL- These mods are essential the opposite of advanced personal vaporizers, as they don’t have any circuitry, and sometimes no wires. They function essentially with a battery that sits in a tube, and when the button is pressed you complete the circuit, causing the atomizer to be heated. These mods can be very dangerous if not used properly, and you should ensure you have all the proper information before using these type of vaporizers.



There are multiple brands that sell vaporizers and mods today, and with such a diverse market, there can be confusion in how to choose a device that best suits your needs. One of the most popular brands today is SmokTech, as they are known for their quality, and high end devices.  Some SmokTech mods even have special features like touch screens. The best idea when choosing a mod for you, is to do you research and to find an electronic cigarette that best suits your needs, whether you are trying to quit smoking or simply just want to become a cloud chaser! Make sure you consider different companies, including Smoktech, Eleaf, Vaporesso and more. Also be sure to look at reviews before making a decision on what mod would best suit you.