There are two types of pulls you can get from vaping.  The first is referred to as mouth to lung (MTL) while the other is referred to as direct to lung inhale (DTL). This is an important question we ask everyone who is interested in making the switch from smoking to vaping.   The different vaping experiences can also be compared to drinking from a skinny straw versus a fat straw.  The skinny straw requires you to pull harder and the fat straw has less resistance and flows easier.  Read the further explanation below to understand the main differences and why they are important when choosing the right vape device for you.

Mouth to lung vaping is most commonly associated with how a tobacco cigarette is smoked.  It is when a user draws the vapour into their mouth first and then inhales it into their lungs.

To obtain a MTL vape a high resistance coil should be used, which makes the vapour pull similar to a drag on a cigarette.  Resistance is measured in ohms (ohms law) and a MTL vape is usually achieved with an ohm rating of 1.0ohms or higher. Higher ohms equals more resistance in the pull.  Because each tank/clearomizer has a variety of coils that are compatible, it’s important to choose a tank that accepts 1.0ohm or higher if you are interested in an experience similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette.  At the bottom of this article we will recommend a few of our favourite tanks and coil options for a MTL vape to help you make the right choice.

It can also be noted that mouth to lung vaping requires less battery power than direct to lung vaping and therefore you would not need to purchase a device that delivers more than 20W or 5.0V depending on the tank you’ve chosen and its coil rating.

Direct to lung inhale is drawing in the vapour directly to lungs similar to smoking a shisha or hookah as opposed to a traditional cigarette. The vapour is dense, produces big clouds and is commonly referred to as “sub-ohm vaping”. Sub-ohm can be defined as a coil that is below 1.0ohm.

To obtain a DTL vape a lower resistance coil is required, so anything below 1.0ohm  (eg. 0.9ohm) is recommended. The higher density vapour will give a more intense throat hit so it’s important to reduce the level of nicotine to 3-6mg or it may be too strong. Also it’s good to take into consideration the VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol) consistency of your e-liquid.  It’s best to use an e-liquid that has a lower PG ratio and a higher VG ratio.  PG provides a harsher throat hit, while VG adds to vapour density.  A recommended ratio may be VG/PG 60/40; 70/30; 80/20 or 90/10.  E-liquids with these ratios are often referred to as “max VG”. At the bottom of this article we will recommend a few of our favourite tanks and coil options for a DTL vape to help you make the right choice.

When vaping DTL you will need a more powerful battery than what’s required with MTL vaping.  Make sure your device has at least 30W of output.

While one draw technique isn’t necessarily better than the other, some may prefer one over the other based on their goals of simulating a traditional cigarette experience versus making big clouds and a hookah experience.  Understanding both draw methods allows you to choose the right fit for your needs.  Newcomers vaping DTL may find the experience too intense, so it may be best to start with an MTL vape. Also given that most newcomers are trying to quit smoking, the MTL draw seems to be preferred because it most closely compares to the way a traditional cigarette is smoked.  For those who enjoy smoking shisha/hookah they may prefer a DTL as it provides a similar sensation. That being said everyone has their own vaping preference.

Mouth to lung vape diagram outlining how the draw enters your bodyDirect lung vape diagram that outlines how the draw enters your body

Abbreviation Information:

V= Voltage is a measure of electrical power expressed in volts

W= Wattage is a measure of electrical power expressed in watts

Ω = Ohms is a unit of electrical resistance.  Higher ohms = greater resistance

Top Fill- Simply unscrew the top of the tank and refill your favourite e-liquid without removing from battery

Bottom Fill- Remove the tank from the base of the battery and then unscrew the base of the tank and refill your favourite e-liquid