Why is my Device Saying “Atomizer short” or “No atomizer”

This can also be a common issue that people experience no matter how much experience they have with vaping!

  1. Tank not screwed in properly- If the tank is one screw off, and is not lined up properly then the pin on the tank will not connect to the pin on the mod and no power will be able to run through the device
  2. Coil too loose or too tight- If the coil is too tight or too loose, then the connection between the coil (the tank) and the mod will not happen and a message of either low or no atomizer will show up, this is probably the most common explanation for either message
  3. Too much liquid between pin and coil- If you change the coil and there is liquid left in the tank, there is a chance it can leak in between the coil connection in the base and the coil, which will cause a no or low atomizer message
  4. Coil needs to be changed- There is a point when the coil gets to a certain level of burnt that the
  5. Product could be defective (Mod/Base) - The connection on the mod may have an issue because the pin may be a millimeter apart from the pin on the tank which will cause a lack of connection. This can either be a manufacturing arrow, or a results of the device being dropped
  6. Pin on the tank could be defective or broken- The pin on the tank may also be defective, and it is not properly screwing in to the base, or just not connecting at all for some reason. This also may be a manufacturing issue, or could be a result of it being dropped as well.
  7. Pin may need to be adjusted- On some devices, the pin has an adjustable setting that either adjusts automatically to fit different tanks, or sometimes actually needs to be screwed in or out more to work with the tank you are using. In this case you may need to visit your local vape shop to solve this issue