Why would I update my device's firmware?

We can see our device "version" or "firmware" upon booting it up...these can be updated quite like your phone...

Often when we get a new device we will see that they are sometimes advertised with features like; “upgradable firmware” these usually are brand specific “upgradable firmware” for the hardware itself. Which can usually provide you with some more features, performance benefits or sometimes fixes for device issues that occurred after consumer testing. Most MODs come with a micro-USB port and cable to attach your MOD to your computer for firmware updates, while others use Bluetooth technology to manage these upgrades, which allow for improvements sometimes adding more features but is in no way required. With that being said; why would you not want to update firmware?

Sometimes a manufacturer may notice some bug in the chip that firmware updates can fix. We have established a fairly straight forward guide for installing updates on nearly any device:

**Check your instruction manual to determine whether or not your batteries need to be installed during this process. The Pioneer4You IPV4 in particular requires the batteries be removed.**

  1. You need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download any application or program that is specific to your device. Most manufacturers use a special program to handle firmware updates to prevent any confusion. Download the application and install it.
  2. After the USB cable is plugged into your device and your computer, your upgrade software should indicate that the device is connected and show you some basic info about the name of the device and the firmware version you currently have installed.
  3. Next, you should be able to hit the Upgrade button. This will open a new box for you to choose the firmware file that you wish to update to. Go to the file where you saved your firmware update and select that file. Hit open or update, and the software will show you a progress bar as your device is upgraded.
  4. As soon as it is finished, it should give you a notification that the firmware has been updated successfully. From here, you can exit out of the program and disconnect your device.             

**Re-install your batteries and turn the device on to see what new features have been unlocked.**

Most Common Manufacturer’s Sites;