Why is my Tank Leaking?

This seems to be a common question, and a common issues among both beginner and experienced vapers. There are typically a couple things that can explain why a tank is leaking, and the top causes are listed below with their solutions!

  1. Coil is loose or too tight- You may need to tighten your coil or loosen it so that it properly connects with the pin, and heats properly
  2. Coil needs to be changed- If you coil is too burnt and full of gunk, then it may not be heating evenly and the juice may not be saturating properly, this can easily cause your tank to leak
  3. High PG- If your PG is too high then the coil will absurd the liquid too quickly and it will run right through the coil. PG is best for mouth to lung tanks
  4. O-rings/seals not in properly- If you are missing an o ring or your o ring is not sealed probably then your tank will definitely be leaking
  5. Product is defective or coil is defective; glass may be cracked- It’s possible there could be a hairline crack in your glass, or the product is simply defective and has not been manufactured properly, in which case you should research whether the place your purchased your device offers a warranty
  6. Wattage is too low- When you run your wattage too low, especially if its lower than the rating on the coil, there is a high possibility that the tank will leak, due to the fact that it is not getting enough heat to absorb and vaporize the liquid in a timely fashion
  7. Overfilled tank or not filling properly- When you fill your tank, you want to ensure you fill it in the slots on the outer edges of the tank or the hole meant for liquid. If you get liquid in the center tube it will both leak, and end up in your mouth! Also if you fill your tank too much, the liquid will be forced to find a way out whether it’s through vaporizing or through your airflow!
  8. Tank needs to be cleaned- As a follow up to the previous issue, if your tank has already been flooded through the center tube, then your tank needs to be cleaned thoroughly or it will continue to leak. As well it’s possible that if your tank has too much residue on it and it is not functioning properly
  9. You are inhaling too strongly and quickly and not allowing the coil to saturate and properly heat- If you inhale too sharply, and quickly or even too slowly and with a shallow breath, the coil may not be heating properly and/or vaporizing properly. This works in combination with dry firing your vape, which can cause your coil to burn.
  10. Close airflow when filling- When you fill your tank, you should always close the airflow. This creates a vacuum in the tank to prevent gravity from pulling the liquid out into the airflow and causing it to leak (*this only pertains to bottom airflow tanks)
  11. If you are building; not enough cotton- If you are an RDA or RTA builder, and you have recently wicked your tank, if there is not enough cotton in the coil then your device will leak