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Will vaping help me stop smoking?

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Dear Vapers,

A common question we often hear at the shop is “will vaping help me stop smoking?” As smokers are creatures of habits, and habits are tough to break, especially when it becomes entrenched in our unconscious brain, resulting for many of us to fly in autopilot. Smokers essentially start battling with themselves and their addition of the psychical act of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, or strictly the withdrawal of nicotine itself (that causes severe cravings etc.) Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes quickly becomes part of our daily routine, and has been proven to be one of the hardest habits to break, and one of the hardest addictions to overcome!

That being said, personal vaporizers were first developed in China in 2004 and introduced to North American market in 2007, the tobacco-free product has been heavily criticized by many, but if you are considering a cleaner alternative to smoking cigarettes, we strongly suggest electronic cigarettes. As e cigs are vaporizers and instead of burning tobacco, which releases thousands of harmful chemicals, the mechanism heats up e liquid, which turns into vapor that users inhale aka vape. While there are many of us that advocate for this cleaner alternative that offers many advantages over traditional tobacco cigarette smoke, regulatory agencies such as Health Canada and some other health “experts” are skeptical. Check out the background of Electronic Cigarette use and harm reveal: emerging evidence in the lung below, and always remember to think critically and do your research before you make the switch.

“The electronic cigarette (EC) has been rapidly gaining ground on conventional cigarettes and could surpass consumption of conventional cigarettes within the next decade, according to some prediction analyses [1]. The growing popularity of ECs proves that many adult smokers are keen on using an alternative technologic form of smoking to reduce cigarette consumption or quit smoking and to relieve tobacco withdrawal symptoms [2]. Data from internet surveys [2],[3] and clinical trials [4],[5] have shown that ECs may help smokers quit or reduce their tobacco consumption. Moreover, the popularity of ECs appears to be associated with the fact that they can be used in many smoke-free areas, their prices are competitive, and they are perceived as a much less harmful smoking alternative [3],[6]. Vapor toxicology under normal conditions of use is by far less problematic than that of conventional cigarettes [7], and exclusive EC users have significantly lower urine levels of tobacco smoke toxicants and carcinogens compared to cigarette smokers [8]. Thus, smokers completely switching to regular EC use are likely to gain significant health benefits. Although a reduction in smoking-related diseases from long-term EC use can be inferred by the positive findings on Swedish snus (a tobacco harm reduction product consisting of refined oral tobacco which is low in nitrosamines) [9], direct confirmation is not available and it will take a few decades before a reduction in individual and population health outcomes due to the regular use of e-vapor products can be firmly established. Nonetheless, it is feasible to detect early changes in airway function and respiratory symptoms in smokers switching to e-vapor.”

Please read the full study from BMC Medicine here.


Happy vaping from all your friends at EsmokerCanada!

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